Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Elsewhere Dakak

Just what did I do in Dakak that the planned overnight stay became three days? Nothing actually. And this is one of the few instances where I say there is joy in “nothing”. Yeah, really! My activities were more of… wake up early mornings, walk around, breakfast, hang-around, wade in the pool, beach bum, walk around, lunch, sleep on that hammock by the beach, play pool, then bowling, then swim again, walk around, sing with the band, wade in the other pool, talk to the crew, chase some birds, kayak in the placid waters, soak in the rain, bask in the sun, go snorkeling, eat, drink and be merry! Hmm, one morning I even tried helping sweep the beach of fallen leaves from the talisay trees with that coconut frond thingy that the manong cleaner use as broom! Just to get a feel of how easy or hard it is hehe! The life!

Oh hey, I am trying to be ‘untalkative’ so let’s just show you some of my pictures, okay? They’ll tell you a story anyway!

Hey, here's some tsismis... I dared sing with that Mariachi-style band during one dinner! 'Ya se pasan los dias... y yo es desperado... y tu tu contestando..." whatever!

Oh well!


  1. Sana makpunta rin ako s ganito klase isla !! npka ganda ng lugar ..

  2. hey VRM, you should make it a point to do so. you need it for your business! send me email if you wanna hear tips how you can best do it. sasamahan pa kita hehe!