Friday, February 24, 2012

The Blue Church of Roxas

Clearly visible! You can’t miss it because of the bright sky-blue paint.

While I go for churches that are in their natural color like those in Paoay, Baclayon or Miag-ao, I think for this church in Roxas, it was better they painted it so. For if they didn’t, you might actually think it was just another building. Why? Because only that fa├žade is visible. Why? Well, sign of progress… to its left is a big and tall school building of the parish – and that’s where you enter when there is no Sunday Mass, while to its right is the equally big and tall city hall. There is though a little alley between the church and the munisipyo, but it is now an interesting row of eateries and little stores that showcase the province’s products and produce. You can’t enter the church from that side.

Up front the hispanized inscriptions say this church was built in 1877 and reconstructed in 1954. There is a jubilee marker but its tarnished and rusting that I could not read what its saying. But I like the rather simple and dark insides of this church. Not so many decorations. Even the altar is simple and to me, on the verge of ‘wanting’ hehe. Its really that clean a space up there with no multitudes of images representing this and that santo to ruin you concentration while at prayer. And the blue roof, yes of course, blue too, is bare. I mean there is no ceiling and you can see the all-steel trusses and beams up there. The olden wood beams must have already rotted. Good, the chandeliers can now safely hang from there!

I like!


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