Monday, January 16, 2012

Yet More Notes on Sinulog 2012

Let’s get on with the rest of the troops!

As I said in the previous post, Abellana National School was following Lumad Basakanon. Alas, when we moved on to watch them, they were not anywhere near to performing. Fair enough since the parade was not moving anyway. Although other groups we’ve seen were already dancing albeit stationary.

I got curious though at such an effort it was for this group to having their muse ‘installed’ in that “caruaje”. Yeah, it took quite a time and even the dancers themselves had a fun time watching this “activity”! So we happily returned to watch Basakanon for more and that is why I had quite a story in the previous post. After that, we walked past Abellana again – we were already at P. Del Rosario St.,!

1053AM, we were already just about the vicinity of University of San Carlos and the parade was not yet pushing. Caught sight of the Zamboanga Sibugay contingent which of course was not dancing. I asked around and spectators say the group already did their routines repeatedly, but just stationary since nothing was moving forward. The group’s banner was catchy huh! It must have been the sturdiest of banners you can even install permanently on any street. But I must admit, it had been some kind of a laughing stock amongst the youth in the crowds. I thought the signage was good enough, but I must agree with those kids at what they were having fun at…

They said those students in yellow shirts posing as “guards” of their banner must have been loyalists of Jalosjos – because they too made their heads “upaw” just like their governor! One imaginative girl exclaimed “mura baya og naupaw ra ilang governor tungod sa cancer, duili na style oi” and everyone around started laughing. Other students were saying there are no TV, radio or cellular phone signals in Zamboanga Sibugay and that it even takes years for daily newspapers to reach the province. I stood nearer to listen for the “punchline” of that joke. And the joker said “awa ra ilang tarp naa pay nawng sa politician”! And his companion added that the province has not yet seen the inaugural address of PNoy hehe (still referring to the face of their politician on the tarpaulin)! A woman butted in with: “ayaw mo’g saba kay wala pa sil bya kabantay nga nahuman na ang election sa 2010”!Ah those kids may have just been joking, but yes, I must admit, there was a good message in their jokes. Just because a governor’s face was prominently bannered when it should not!

Wala na… since nothing was ever happening hehe. We txtd friends who opted to station themselves in this area and agreed to meet at the Sto. Rosario church. Guess what?! We heard mass instead – since it was about to start when we entered the church – their regular noontime Sunday English mass! Mass went on amidst the drums outside, though not heard loudly since they closed the main doors. The “bato balani” song was sang solo by a child that sounded quite lovely. It pricks the heart listening to such a young voice belting out such a fervent prayer. After mass, I really went out to front of the church to find the kid. He is that boy facing away from the camera. Shy but a good singer! Oh hey, the parish did something unique to celebrate the fiesta - Free Drinking Water! Though not cold, it did help a lot of us to quench the thirst with safe and free drinking water!

11:42AM, yeah you guessed it right, Zamboanga Sibugay was still in front of San Carlos and Lanao Del Norte still by the door of Sto Rosario church! So we walked back to Imus Road to catch where we earlier stopped watching – the Abellana National School! Oops, they have already moved forward… a few meters that is hehe! We even walked a bit past them towards some little shacks that sold barbecue and waited it out happily seated on real chairs! This pic of the Abellana group was already at 1:19PM. And that girl in the truck (scrapes on her knees, probably tripped on her gown while dancing), this was at the tail end of the contingent… and I took that pic at exactly 1:25PM. Gosh!

We liked this float. Also reminiscent of the Panagbenga! The interesting thing about this one is that it is huge and colorful with gigantic and realistic flora and fauna BUT not peppered with the company’s brand names. The dragonfly’s body moves! And those nymphs, butterflies, frogs and what have yas were like fairy tale characters and realistic! Lovely indeed!

Then there was Sibugay again. They were dancing when I took this picture, I swear. And that’s how they were hehe. I’ll be direct to say I did not really like their performance on the street. Maybe the earlier jokes and comments of the students conditioned my mind not to like them. But I repeat, if there was a contest on the biggest and sturdiest banner plus the biggest face of a governor, they would have been champion. Sadly, that part is not a contest hahaha!

Then there was Karatong Festival of Dulag. Everyone around said they were one of the best on the street. I silently said I agree!

Ah, this is getting too long. Let’s break it off here and continue a final installment in the next story. Promise!


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