Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sinulog 2012: Tent on the Streets?

I didn’t know this was possible. Just the same I saw it, so it is and can be done! Not that I despise the sight, for with the thousands of vendor stalls and tables scattered all over, this tent was even a better spectacle! Surely not many a visitor would dare do this anyway instead of finding a hotel or inn, right?! Kuyawa ba! So I went near to ask around who maybe bravely in such a tent in the middle of the city. This one by the way was pitched under the stairs of that pedestrian overpass along Jones Ave near Robinson’s Mall / Cebu Midtown Hotel (hospital side).

Ah, the henna guys! Yup, those artists who can paint your body with just about any design using henna ink instead of real permanent tattoo. When I asked, they even seemed alarmed so I guess, in general, it is never allowed. But when I told the guys, I was no ‘authority’ and just wanted to know, they merrily entertained my questions. I learned that they pitched said tent just to house some of their materials together with their backpacks while they get busy with their business. I did ask if they can or do actually curl up in there and they said ‘yes if and when they have the time’. One guy intimated that especially tonight (the day before Sinulog Grand Parade) where people streamed as if forever, they may have to call the tent home until morning – at least for their belongings – since business was brisk it looked they’d be painting bodies forever.

I knew that for hygiene purposes, they could use the public toilets scattered everywhere or the malls, but I wondered where they might go to take baths. Then again, I surmised who of them could take a bath or needed to anyway, right? They were damn busy with the thousands of people passing by who want to get ‘artistic’ with a faux-tattoo - or two!

Oh well!


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