Saturday, January 14, 2012

Sinulog 2012: Final Rehearsals

This is what you become when you have previously watched many a Sinulog Grand Parade… You just yearn to see or hear or learn more of the things behind, beyond or between the usual scenes. And that’s what I just did on this night before the much awaited Sinulog 2012 grand parade. I went to the sports center. Purpose: just to see how folks are preparing it for the big day, probably catch a glimpse or two of the various competing groups from out-of-town, housed at Abellana National School and Cebu Central School. Perhaps also ask a question or two about their “story”.

I was not disappointed!

I arrived at the place with one group busy doing their final rehearsals onstage. That as familiar folks awaited on the sides. Their shirts said Argao. Ah the fantastic Torta Festival that won raves as street dancing first prize winner over at the Pasigarbo sa Sugbo 2011. I just thought my goodness, they or any group for that matter should already be resting this time for tomorrow’s grand day of days. Since the practicing group was winding down with some last minute adjustments and instructions, I opted to circle around the oval and see what the various on-goings were. OMG of OMGs! But let me tackle that in the next story.

When I returned from roaming the rest of the sports center, Argao was already onstage and dancers were busy receiving more blocking instructions on this and that, while it seemed that they were even still just concocting how the Sinulog band and a show band can mix the Sinulog beat and their La Torta theme. That’s hard ha?! I navigated towards the center area for a clearer view of the La Torta group. I didn’t see them in the Sinulog Sa Kabataan Lalawigan last week, and yet they were after all here. Hmm, I saw a familiar face. She was down at the tracks dancing and discussing with another dancer and they were near the choreographer who was barking instructions on a microphone. At first I thought she was teaching the guy but it later occurred to me, it was the other way around. Yep, you know her, the governor of the province of Cebu!

Nice to see her do it (again). I mean nice to see that a governor dances with a group. Well not that it is her first time. I think I’ve seen her 3 times previously dancing in the Sinulog with various towns of this her province. And this dancing thing is no joke ha?! It is a big stage and it is such a fast and frenzied tune that they have to dance to. Plus, if I think that this dancing is taxing, how much more for that governor who is about a decade older than I am?! And she practices just like everyone else have to! Here’s a clip of the goings-on in that Argao rehearsal:
Hmm, I wonder if Mike Rama (the mayor of Cebu) could still also dance. Or maybe become part of the re-enactments. Or maybe just a propsman whatever hehe. That would be fun, I guess!

Ah while the Argao troop with Gwen was still on, the two Masbate groups were already getting ready in and around the stage. Full Dress Rehearsal one of the girls told me. And I could see the hundreds of them coming out from their ‘barracks’ if I might call it that – yep, the buildings of City Central School. I asked another Masbate crew why they have to do this final rehearsals at night when all should be resting for tomorrow’s parade. Her reply… that’s the only slot assigned to them for final rehearsals and its not even that grave an issue yet. She intimated that other groups are supposed to follow them onstage and that goes on until morning. OMG!

I was already all set to watch them, waiting for their turn after Argao… but the phone started to ring and I had missed some txt msgs. Awk, my dinnermates were all already at Casa Verde and my inbox messages pronounced something like “where on earth are you”, “where in heaven are you now” and “where the hell are you”. So I hustled and walked briskly towards the place.

Ah what an evening!


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