Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Elsewhere Dipolog and the Boulevard

I walked to it from the city hall area! Not near but not too far either, thus, a good chance for me to witness more of the city. And the more I wondered why trikes had to have days off when there were not so many as I walked. Hmm, maybe because it was a Saturday.

Not far from the city hall, there is a “pasalubong store” that has almost all delicacies you can find in the city and beyond. Sardines in little jars seem to be the most in demand amongst the city’s visitors. I did notice a familiar package – fried peanuts – since its one favorite I often buy from a mall in Metro Manila. And golly me, it was only this time that I realized they actually come from Dipolog City! Whoa! Anyway, I moved on and got to be in the area of the public market and “Dipolog Center Mall” which I think is still part of the market. There is one thing I observed to be consistent since the church and the city hall – the streets are clean of the usual city litter. Hmm, maybe Saturday is a clean-up day for the city? Or maybe too, it is really just always like that. As I said in the previous story… Hello Marikina, you have a sister city here!

I like the sight of olden houses and structures, even if they’re refurbished but still old-looking. Maybe it gives us the nostalgia, the memories of how our forebears lived in yesteryears. And there are still so many such wonderful sights in Dipolog. Take that seemingly ‘bahay-na-bato’ for instance. What a wonderful house, right? I asked fellow passers-by and they told me it is going to become an office (probably of the tourism unit). Then there is that monument of a cross that lies in the very middle of a street intersection. Not sure what is its historical or cultural significance since there were no historical markers, though am sure it must be important. Yes, the base also serves as a laundry drying area for some folks hehe. Just the same, the place and the surroundings are all clean. Look at that girl on the right side of that photo. She can dare sit on that sidewalk. Proof that everywhere is clean!

The Boulevard. Hmm, its something new. Some kind of a coastal highway that doubles as a park, lovers’ lane, swimming area, and docking area for small fishing boats. Wonderful place, but hello Surigao City, you have a sister here. I mean this boulevard is almost exactly like that one in Surigao… in that both were built in a coastal area with a lot of informal settlers, some of them displaced by the new construction. Thus, its most of them who dominate the scene. Not that it affects me (anymore) but I do suspect some ‘would-be’ visitors curious to see this boulevard may have second thought if and when they see so many shirtless males walking about, climbing the concrete fence with seemingly nothing much to do than play basketball at any time of day. Y’know, the metro manila stigma… when you are in such places with many informal settlers, then… heavens forbid hehe!

But it’s a wonderful boulevard by itself. A breezy place with many concrete benches to spend lazy afternoons. WITH a wonderful sunset view of the sea! I liked it that little boys were having fun on the water, even showing off their jumps and summersaults for my camera. Just like in Dumaguete, and just like in Surigao, hmm, even like Liloan. These kids take it as all the more fun when camera-wielding visitors take aim at their antics. And all they need is for you to let them see how the shots registered on your camera by letting them see a review on the small camera screen! Hey, I witnessed a car that parked near the edge of the boulevard and when the doors opened a cute furry doggie darted off to the beach barking all the way and immediately plunged into the sea water. Imagine that! While I know many dog owners always have a hard time inviting coercing their pets to even touch bath water! Hmm, now I say, its not the dog… it’s the training!

Back at city center, I was happily strolling around (the streets get busier late afternoons to evenings) and the next target was supposed to be the capitol area. Ah, a pesky driver of someone I know spotted me and hollered to say hello as I made my way towards the PNB ATM. He immediately attempted to call his boss to announce my presence. But I was quicker hehe, I told him to disregard that as I was already on my way to the bus station for Iligan. Then I hurriedly attempted to get lost from the scene. No offense meant, sometimes I do need to hide from friends and acquaintances as they could ruin my kind of roaming. The bad side of Filipino hospitality… your friends won’t allow you to walk the streets or ride the tricycles even if you want to!

Nice familiarization stroll of the Dipolog City central area. Now I know what to see when I return. Oh, let’s get to my night out in the next ‘chapter’, aight?!


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