Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Dipolog City Hall

From the Cathedral, I continued my leisurely walk towards the park and the city hall. Nice place too! Jose Rizal is prominently enshrined in the middle of the park. Plus being the holidays, the park was adorned with many things Christmas including a life-size tableaux of the nativity. Giant “candle sticks” adorned with so many lights were in place too! Hmm, I knew these would been nice to view in the evenings, though I was not sure if I would still have time to come around by then. More prominent in the area is a memorial for three dudes where the monument/s in bright chrome color stand at the very corner of a street dissecting the park and the city hall.

Let me recall, they are prominent folks who are the founding fathers of the city. One is a priest, another is a farmer (both are cleanheads, yes bald) and the third man looks like a statesman or something like that. There were names under each statue but I forgot to note them down and my pictures are not that clear on the lower portions where their ‘lapida’ are installed. Judging from the faces, that third man actually looks like Jose Rizal. Am not sure if he is it for that look and style may have been the fad in those days hehe. I do remember the farmer in this trio is supposed to have written a book where people can produce a hundred sacks of rice per hectare of ricefield. Hmm, perhaps no one listened to him or no one read his book or no one took his advise seriously. Can we produce a hundred sacks out of a hectare nowadays? Well, am not good in that department, but if so, our dear 'aparceros' must have been having us for ages now!

Anyway, I progressed into the city hall. Nice American-era style building. And nice that they seem to have retained the olden glory look of the building. Am sure there had been improvements but viewed from afar, it looks like an old house. Being a city hall, that building of course won’t anymore fit everything the local government has to have these days, right?! How wise of them… they erected new edifices behind it. And yes, a building called “City Hall Building II” is modern and I must dare say, downright ugly hahaha! Don’t blame me, blame all the other towns and cities in this country that make their buildings beautiful so that when I compare this to many of them (even to the original Dipolog City Hall itself), this “building two” fails on all counts of external aesthetics, if there is such a thing hehe! But I hope it is at least more functional than the beautiful “building one”!

Oh well! But the whole area of the city hall, park and church is one nice place to be on lazy afternoons like during my visit. Many kids were at play and many adults come to laze around, but I noticed one thing, it is clean everywhere! Yes yes, hello Marikina, you have a new sister when it comes to being a tidy place!

I like!

Let’s go elsewhere next, okay?!


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