Sunday, December 25, 2011

How far and how long?

When we plan to travel, we always want to have at least an estimate how far our destination is, and how long will it take us going there. Right? Yes for many seasoned roamers! And many a traveler can tell you that point A to point B is these many kilometers, or point B to point C takes ‘about an hour’ and so on. Those are good information to start with, but usually, not good enough. Why? Because many tend to forget or do not even know that there is another consideration that must be taken into account when trying to answer “how long will it get me there”. And that is… the travel before you travel. How is that? Let’s see…

You are from Alabang, and you will take that Maria De Leon bus ride to Laoag, how long? Nine hours? Wrong! The “how long” should include your travel from Alabang to that street behind UST so you could take that ride to Laoag? And the bus leaves at 8PM. What time do you leave home? And on a Friday-night rush hour traffic? How long will you get to UST? When you have answered that, then ask further, “so how long will this trip take me to Laoag”?

Now how about your flight to Bacolod? And you’re from Quezon City. Do you know how long? Oh you’re taking PAL’s early morning flight? Do you know how long it takes to queue up just to be able to enter the first x-ray machine at that centennial airport? Alright, you have an example in the above paragraph, start calculating. You can do this hehe. So how long will it take you to reach your destination? Where is that destination? Bacolod we said, right?! But that flight does not actually land in Bacolod. The airport is in Silay City! How are you going to Bacolod from Silay? Do you know how long? And you said you’ll catch up with me for a 7AM breakfast at the hotel. Can you make it?!

Those are just two examples above and it gets dizzyingly varied with other modes of transport at many other islands. Like? Well, how about… you are flying to Puerto Princesa City and staying at Moana Hotel. How long will it take you from the Puerto Princesa airport to the hotel? Got it? Interesting, right? Now try flying on to Siargao and book a room at any of General Luna’s resorts. How are you going there and how long? Can you imagine? Then transport yourself to Marabut and imagine you are trying to get yourself to Tacloban for an early morning flight. Will you make it? Here’s more… you are flying to Cotabato and will be met on arrival by a friend? Do you know where that friend will be waiting. How long will it take for you to see him? Ah don’t just say you are sailing from Cebu to Tubigon! There’s more that you need to know hehe!

Alrightie, I hope the above has titillated you on what to watch out for in terms of times and distances when traveling these islands. Otherwise, may the force be with you hehe!


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