Thursday, October 20, 2011

The REAL Ukay-Ukay!

My chinky eyes grew widest seeing those intersecting streets full of ukay-ukay in the open! Whew! I was just in a jeep and did not even dare go down to explore the multitude of whatevers on sale. But yes I said ’YAN ang ukay-ukay’!

And this was probably the ’men’s wear department’ that I chanced upon hehe. As you can see almost all customers are the male populace. And that made me a bit lily livered taking photographs lest they all pounce on me! But where there’s a will, there’s a way, right? I took this the quickest way I could and without even aiming hehehe!

Hah, if in Manila or Baguio you skim through racks, shelves or hangers, not in Cotabato City! Can you see the wares on sale? You’ll really have to make halukay, probably even dive to or swim through them until you find your find! Jeep driver told me its nothing new and it has been so as far as he can remember even as a kid.



  1. When you go to an ukay-ukay shop , you will definitely find items that require sewing, there are those that have stains, and there are those which no one would probably want to wear if given an alternative.

  2. Kung susuwertihin ka sa paghahanap may mahahalukay kang parang bago... pero kadalasan parang mga basahan na ang makikita mo...