Sunday, May 4, 2008

Igorot of the present kind?!

My buddy said ‘this guy is too light-skinned for an igorot’. A companion joined in with ‘his physique does not seem to show he works in the farms, ang laki ng tiyan eh’! Then another said ‘baka politician yan or school supervisor’. But I was more curious about that thing in his right hand.

And then…

There it is, now transferred to his left, as if the plant could conceal what he is doing! Can’t that txtng wait until end of the parade? He is/was trying to represent/portray an indigenous people IN a grand parade and IN Manila – which is like or even more than a stage play. This float was one beautiful tableaux by the way (in concept that is). And all who participate in the Aliwan Fiesta are the best of the regions. Couldn’t the damn txtng have waited? Ah I went near to tell him just that hehe!

Well, a friend pulled me away. I was supposed to add “you might as well also wear your rolex, your rayban, your rollerblades, and wear a baseball cap”!

Oh well, when modernized folks of our times try to portray the tribes.

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  1. Mas mganda sana if kinulayan nlg nila ung katawan ng mama pra magmukha syang Igorot. Ang putla ng tyan eh. :( or sana ibang tao na lang ang nilagay dyan ung taon magrerepresent ng tama.