Saturday, February 16, 2008

"Deputized" Coast Guard

I already knew he is a ‘security guard’ (blue guard, gwardya or jaguar as we commonly call them) but the atrevida in me still asked “taga-coast guard ka?”. The reply was “bakit sir, ano ang problema”. I said none, I was just curious if he was really from the coast guard. He said coast guard deputized him as they are just on call. There, I had my word for the day… “deputized”!

Of course I wanted to debate him, but what does he know? My brain (oops no, my tongue, to be precise) wanted to make a discourse on “coast guard”, “deputized” and “public assistance” versus “security guard”. In short ‘gusto magtaray’. Naunahan ako! He said "ano nga ang problema, sir?" and I said "wala naman"! The final word was “wala pala e, doon ang daan sa kabila, papuntang CR ‘to”!

Oh well, the "authorities" and the IMPOSTORS of our times hehe


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