Sunday, January 27, 2008

Cymbal Kid

We were by the Mendiola area and happened to have been held in place by heavy traffic due to this parade of San Beda Alumni.

I had to look again, no he’s not a midget. He is just an elementary school kid and probably on the ‘small’ type. But why was he assigned to the cymbals? Looking at him, I imagined the instrument’s diameter is already half his height. Hmm, that should also probably be half his weight. Parusa!

The companion retorted, “alangan naming sa drum, e di sasayad sa lupa yun!”. I was laughing still and he added “alangan din namang trumpet, e kasing haba nya lang yata yun, lalo na hindi pwede sa trombone or tuba, so cymbals na nga, ‘wag ka nang magreklamo”!

Okay, agree hahaha! I had to control myself lest I become the first example that laughing could kill!

Oh well, to play music in these our times…


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