Saturday, March 22, 2008

Colored Chicks

Have you seen a purple chick, blue chick or pink chick? Well, I did! And here they are! Even in every color you can imagine!

Those are live chicks. Yes live, as in alive! And they are all for sale to excited kids who visit the Metropolitan Cathedral of San Fernando City in Pampanga.

We all know no chicken on earth can come in such "wonderful" colors, right? Thus, the poor little dears must have been spray-painted or submerged in dye, whatever. In any case, how cruel. Why color them? Obviously to make them more attarctive to kids who will want them as "pets" (a.k.a "toys").

Who is selling these poor little chicks? A woman who even sleeps at the very facade of said historic cathedral! Why is she there? Beats me! She is Sick (in the head, that is)! And parents who buy those chicks for their children are no better.

Hmm, the business of doing business in these our times...


  1. yeah its cruel but uhmmm theyre jus sooo cute and i want to have one again hehe! could it be that they wer dyed when they wer still eggs??!

    i used to have two of these wen i was a kid. i even gave them names. sadly, the inevitable happned wen the chicks grew big enough to be eaten and my parents wer already complaining about how much they hav spent for their feeds... the nex thing i know, my pets ended up on our dining table. i was devastated, i hardly ate the tinola.

    1. Same here I had a lil chick named pinkie and then when she grew she was cooked by my lola. Nobody ate it but my lola