Thursday, April 16, 2009

Students Not Allowed

Am not sure what brought me to this building that seems to have a real heart for students. Probably I went to a travel agency, or an internet cafĂ©, or a photocopier, whatever. I am not a student anymore, not yet again anyway. But these big bold signs, I strongly believe, are offensive. Isn’t this discrimination of some kind?

Mind you, ALL establishments in this building earn heftily from students. There are internet cafes, a language school, a dentist, and all sorts of other establishments that exist because of, and for, the students. There is even a gay bar at ground floor! Haven’t the wealthy owners ever heard of incidental overheads or derivative responsibilities?

What could be the next thing we’ll see on their walls? Why not just post a big signage at the lobby that says “students are not allowed in this building” – and let’s see if your tenants don’t start closing shop faster than the others.

Ah yes, this is that building directly across the main entrance of Gaisano Country Mall in Banilad, Cebu. And yes, immediately beside University of Cebu's Banilad Campus. I think its named Northgate Center.

Oh well, the building administrators of our times.


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