Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Pasigarbo Sa Sugbo 2011, Awarding Ceremonies

I waited for this. I don’t even really know why I was excited!

Well, probably, just to see for myself (in a more comfortable setting, seating and sitting) how the declared winners performed, and how people get entertained at the performances of these groups. You see, in Cebu, its usually like this… festival on a weekend (that might extend up to the wee hours) >>> judges gruel it out trying to finalize their choices (and that may usually be until sunrise) >>> winners are declared (contingents are informed) >>> Monday, awarding ceremonies but the winning groups are asked to re-perform their winning entries (usually with everything used and everyone with a role in the performance).

Tedious ‘no?! Well, imagine if you were a dancer or propsman of a winning group from a town far away. You sacrifice (or is it ‘have fun’ roaming around the city?) being away from home, until you are finally done with the “repeat-performance” hehe!

This was no short program btw. The awarding ceremonies included “e-gwen awards” and calling all winners in all categories up the stage to receive their trophies and cash prizes. Plus, the most awaited “repeat-performance” of the top dozen. Yes, the top 12 winning contingents! So it was virtually another evening of spectacles!

Here are “some” of my clips:

Andas winners and street dancing champions' final pass

The Festival Queen winners in one last fly-by

And the showdown winners...

11th Halad Inasal Festival of Talisay City

10th Sugat Kabanhawan Festival of Minglanilla

9th Hinulawan Festival of Toledo City

8th Dagitab Festival of Naga City

7th Palawod Festival of Bantayan

6th Bonga Festival of Sibonga

5th Sarok Festival of Consolacion

4th Kagasangan Festival of Moalboal

3rd La Torta Festival of Argao

2nd Isda Festival of Madridejos

1st Kabkaban Festival of Carcar City

And, as with any such occasion in Cebu, the finale dance, where all the competitors dance as one, until they all stop doing so, to gaze at the fireworks!

This really is a festival of festivals, in the festival island!



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