Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Mobile ATM in Cebu

Ok now, call me outdated or way behind the news on recent technological trends or financial sector developments. But I must swear this was the first time I saw it. Just this afternoon actually, as I emerged from the CICC having roamed the multitude of booths and displays at the "1 Cebu Expo 2011".

What is it? An ATM, yes. Oops this time, I mean an Automated Teller Machine and not the "automatic tubig machine" as you may have read here.

Mobile? Well yes, as you can see it is an AUV. The machine is installed in its mid-section where the 'crew' (driver and guard actually) retract a small platform for you to climb into, so you can reach the machine and face it squarely! They even also spread a square material atop the van that becomes a canopy to protect you and the machine from sun and rain. Nice thing eh!

I saw the guard open the back portion of the van so I peeped in. There is a small table and a seat like what you see at the rear portion of an FX. I did see that the table had plastic bags and containers plus utensils - very obviously they just finished their lunch in there. I asked if it was really an eating place, both answered "not necessarily" since it can also serve as a mini-office. Their only complaint, its very hot in there as only the ATM and driver's areas are airconditioned. Weird! Just the same, interesting enough.

Ah the gadgets of our times...


  1. These are ridiculously convenient! The first time I saw one of these was at a Bazaar in Manila. Whoever thought of this was a genious!

  2. I've never seen this yet. Been to Manila this first week but found no time to stroll at commercial centers. Am excited for a mobile savings withdrawal.

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