Monday, January 26, 2009

Ingenious Cart

Very common to see those rolling carts selling fishball, kikiam, french fries, siomai, siopao and just about anything, right? How about this?

Yep, it’s a cart, in the middle of the street, selling fruit shakes in various flavors. See the osterizers? They have four, no less! Eh, did I say “in the middle of the street”? Yes palangga, in the middle gid! This was Dinagyang day and the streets were closed to vehicular traffic so it became a fun place to roam around with many folks selling just about everything. Those fruit shakes were a hit.

How did that husband-and-wife team make their blenders churn when they were in the middle of the street? Scroll down to see…

Its actually a trike! And the ingenious manong loaded his genset along to provide the needed electricity for his wife to make those blenders whirr! No wonder, as I approached, I could hear that as if some ‘lancha’ was in the middle of the street. It was manong’s genset at work. And mind you, the pesky sound actually served to call everyone’s attention to their brisk business. Splendidly lovely!

Well, the ingenious folks of our times, ‘noh?!!


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