Monday, May 28, 2007

Butiki Park

Who would have known, who would have imagined? That yes, there is a park in this country named after the "butiki". Yeah yeah, the lowly harmless common house lizard that some of you are afraid of and some pretend are afraid of! When I saw the sign that said Butiki Park, I first imagined the word was some kind of a contraction or portmanteau of some long phrase like CaMaNaVa or CaLaBaRZon. But I saw the big figure of the lizard. So it really is a park named after the butiki. Eh, no one there could tell me a plausible story why it is named so!

This is somewhere on the eastern banks of the long Marikina River Park. Just a strollers' area called a park, nothing to pack your bags about. Gosh 'no?! Who knows, there might be a "lamok park", a "kulisap park" or a "gamu-gamu park" and so on, that I haven't just encountered. Then the butiki would probably love those hehe!

Oh well, the weird nomenclatures of our times...


  1. I'm curious on what's in the park developer's mind when he/she named it so. But for my own consumption, I can can only guess that the said person had a gift of foresight that he/she had known beforehand that Gecko Lizard would achieve its present stature and prominence. he he..

  2. IDOL yung nag-isipng Name ng Park nato..:)