Thursday, January 27, 2011

WHAT would you do BEFORE getting TOTALLY BLIND?

Let's have a break from my travels, I need to get this article through for two reasons:

1. I won't probably get to sleep the next few days if I don't write about this

2. I am broke these days and got nothing that can be donated to/for Ginalyn

Watch the video in this link

Here are things I asked myself and would also like to ask you:
1. What would you do days or even weeks before becoming totally blind?
2. How would it actually feel knowing we are to become totally blind?

I don't have an idea that I can call anywhere near 'acceptable' or 'rational' so I won't even further attempt trying to answer any of those two questions. Argh, she's young and innocent, so her future does not probably bother her much, other than meet Darna before the blade. But OMG, to say I feel real bad for this little girl is a gross understatement. She just crushed my heart...

If only I have the means, I would tour her around this country until that final operation permanently shuts her remaining eyesight. Before her world finally darkens, I would like her to see every beautiful place at least in this country. Then she'll hopefully remember them during times she might feel bad, if only to make her smile and still cherish life even in the infinite darkness of her 'new life'.

If only I had the means, I would not hesitate becoming her tour guide to all the wonderful places in this country until its time for her to face the knife that will finally close her remaining little window to this colorful world.

What if there are kind souls who can take her around their respective beautiful places? Am sure it wouldn't be too much of a pain on the pockets of many businessmen and politicians in this country to probably tour this girl around their localities even for just a day or two?! Am sure those airlines and other transport businesses won't go bankrupt flying this girl and her mother around the islands? If this news about her happened last year, I could even have dared do all of my wishes above for her! And I am just a poor boy roaming this beautiful country...

What if we all spread this to our friends and families all over the islands so people can help in whatever way they can to make this possible? Sus, many of us go out of the way to watch and even help when a Fr. Reyes starts walking around...

I think we can also do this for a little girl who is about to totally lose her eyesight...

Pass it around... who knows, we might just be able to surprise her with a fantastic go-see of her beautiful country... before it finally darkens... on her.

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  1. I just read this post. Oh, it is so heartbreaking. Did she ever meet her idol? What are the updates on her?