Monday, September 21, 2009

Bukilat Cave

My Tudela visit started at Bukilat Cave. As you can discern from my previous post, we circled the island clockwise from My Little Island Hotel over at Brgy Esperanza in Poro. That’s why we entered the town of Tudela from Bukilat which I know is not the normal way of tourists. Well, as mentioned before, I am not a “cave man”, I am just another son of a beach! Therefore, Bukilat was not really something I will jump with joy about. But I went in since my driver and guide Randy said it was a very famous attraction. Indeed it is, I discerned that just by looking at the many signage and the big wide tarp near the entrance.

As we walked to enter, a shirtless dude came running and he was trying to put his shirt on as he ran towards us hehe. Ah, he was in charge of collecting the entrance fee. Just a 10-peso coin really. And only I was charged. Yes, you all probably know that in this country, like anywhere else on the globe, tour guides and/or drivers are free-of-charge to various places that have entrance fees. Good! Now call it fortunate or unfortunate, there were no other visitors when we stepped into the cave. Or should I say “stepped down” into the cave.

Entering Bukilat, it was like Hinagdanan all over again! But there are less bats here, thus, less pungent smelling than at Hinagdanan on Bohol. The pathway is paved too so visitors don’t slip. BUT, unlike Hinagdanan, there is a big wide hole in the middle of the cave so that sunlight washes in. The view is fantastic but its not something my lowly E550 can capture with justice! The shirtless dude told me I could swim but I never dared. Yes, I am a coward hehe! Both Randy and caretaker won’t go deeper into the cave with me as they were busier chatting by the entrance. So I attempted to move on alone as far as my cowardly brain can allow me in the darkness. That time I actually wished there were other tourists in there. Anyway, I stepped down unto shin deep of water. At an area it feels eerily cool while at another it’s a bit warm. I was told the water empties out to sea and it comes from some underground spring somewhere. But that overhead hole actually commanded more of my attention as it was really grand looking up at it with the trees and shrubberies seemingly peeping into the cave. And the wash of light that filters down to the middle of the cave… beautiful!

Caretaker told me there are 8 other caves in this town but all I could say was “uh-huh”. Not much interested hehe. So we proceeded to Tudela town proper.

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  1. Awesome!hope to visit that Bukilat Cave soon. I also visited one of the most famous cave in Boracay Island in the Philippines they called it Bat Cave it was a great experience.Next vacation I will try this Bukilat cave with my family.Thanks for posting..