Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Gallivanting around the rest of Ozamiz City

Done with the cathedral and the fort without much of an itinerary, I aimlessly wandered around just to see the rest of the city. Nice city!

Transpo within
Inside the city, transportation is generally via tricycles and pedicabs. They mix and mingle. They go wherever, ferrying passengers around the bustling city center. Oh, you got a car? Good luck! You'd be cruising the city streets as fast (or as slow) as the tricycles and pedicabs in front of you hehe! Remember Dumaguete? Its similar!

I did notice, most of the tricycles and pedicabs in Ozamiz are generally slanting towards the back as if there was a heavy load. And I thought earlier in the day that the trikes I rode-on were actually defective! But this time I observed, they really are just so! Hmm, howsoever and whatsoever for, that makes their tricycles unique. A production anomaly? Probably, but well, at least there are trikes on earth that make you face the heavens while cruising hehe! Unique, though a bit uncomfy if you are riding to see much of the place and surroundings.

By the way, due to the multitudes of these three-wheeled vehicles (with engine or without), some of the city streets are already too congested. So, there are now one-way streets to make the flow of vehicles a bit smoother and faster. But as anywhere else in this country, when riding a tricycle, you hop-on, stop and get-off anywhere you please. So trapik pa rin!

This city is a merry mix of old houses and new buildings and that does not exclude the church. I think the area in the vicinity of the church and Royal Garden must have been the old city center. The houses in and around are generally big and many of them look like they were built during the Spanish or American occupation eras. Many are still nice to look at, even if commercialized, modernized or left to oblivion. In some of those, I noticed touches of the moor-like designs or trimmings in their houses. Quite beautiful! I hope this one gets maintained at least by form and design as surely the wood have started to deteriorate.

The seaport is big but it seems they we're reconstructing or expanding it during my visit. Oh the Tourism Assistance Center at port road was closed. But what did I expect, it was a weekend hehe! This little hut though looks good and it is by the side of the park. Had I been able to catch this assistance center open, hmm, I could have stayed a week in Misamis Occidental hahaha!

Finally, there is no public market in Ozamiz City! What they have is a “City Public Mall”! O sosyal, di ba?! Well, although it has two floors, it functions very much like the usual palengke, but at least it looks good from the outside! As with any other public market, the place covers a very wide area so you can enter it from many street corners. In this city public mall, its the same... and all entrances are likely identifiable with that color and signage!


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