Sunday, June 20, 2010

Barangay Minglanilla, Cebu!

Yeah it’s a town, but I coined that title when I accidentally bumped into their municipal hall hehe!

Nothing much to do on a still hot 3rd Sunday of June, except for a little errand that found me in Talisay Tabunok area two hours after lunch. “Hey Minglanilla is just a few corners away” so I told myself. And I rode on a not too cramped multicab to see the place. Target, that imposing church that I have always been passing by on my southern sojourns in this island.

What a nice looking pink church, that is the parish of Immaculate Heart of Mary. It reminds me of the Baguio Cathedral in that it sits on an elevated portion of the town, its colored pink or pinkish and two bell towers flanking the sides. This is one of the few churches I have seen where most of the decorative glass windows near the ceiling are perfect circles. The architect must have had a penchant for that shape as even the altar area is donned with four big panels with circles at the top. Am not sure if there is some kind of symbolism in using those, but they look good and unique! Rest of the church is just like most churches... airy, expanded on the sides, four columns of pews instead of just two in the past, speakers, electric fans, chandeliers and stained glass murals of saints.

Oh, there’s a clock! Its not easily seen by most people as its high up above the main entrance facing the altar. Now that's uncommon! I seldom see time-pieces inside churches! The priest probably placed it there so he could see if his sermon has been taking too long. But then again, if so, priest must have a telescopic eyesight as the wall clock is way far opposite him hehe!

From the front of the church, a portion of the Bohol Sea can still be discerned far in the distance as buildings and houses cover most of the otherwise fantastic view. There is a big park fronting the church that leads down towards the highway. There’s a Jollibee on the right corner hehe! Why it sits inside the park gets me curious. Over on the left side of the park is that cute building of barangay poblacion.

Oh there is the municipal hall! Where?! There beside those stalls! Ah and OMG, this is probably the only municipal hall I have seen in the country that is not centrally positioned for an imposing even just easy view. I actually thought their municipal hall would be somewhere away. Rather, the building, big enough for a town’s municipal hall, sits on the side of the park fronting the church along with other houses and stores. The building looks like that of a restaurant with function rooms! Beside it is a big school and I couldn’t imagine where people might park their vehicles if they went to visit the municipal hall!

I walked aimlessly around just to see the place and whatever might invite my curiosity. One thing, not one Barangay in this town is named after a saint which in itself already makes it unique as most everywhere in this country have their barangays named after their preferred patron saints! As I roamed I did try to ask folks what might be nice to see in Minglanilla. While most answers were generally “nothing”, I did get some interesting infos that I should take note for my next visit.

There is the “boystown” and I asked what it meant. Well, a school generally for the less fortunate boys in thi scountry. When I passed by the school, OMG, what a big campus and they have nice buildings – probably the most good-looking buildings in Minglanilla! Someone told me to try Tubod Spring Water Resort. Okay, I will try it on my next visit. Palm Beach, La Playa, Villa Eleanor were also suggested by a gas attendant. Hmm, will browse around about those.

As for now, I am happy to have been in this little big town. I think Talamban is even bigger hehe, but Minglanilla is part of the metropolis sandwiched by two cities. So I guess its being small and still a bit rural is a welcome treat! Thus, I'll take that offer by one realtor for a go-see at one of the new housing villages in the area. I’ll roam more of Minglanilla, promise!!


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