Saturday, May 22, 2010

Bimmer Cebu Fest 2010

Was at Cebu’s IT Park and naturally glanced at that big vacant space in front of The Walk as to what might be new at the bazaar. Whoa, the stalls are gone! Instead, there were so many cars that seemed to be the center of everyone’s fuss. Circled towards the front and I read Bimmer Cebu Fest – A National Gathering of BMW Vehicles and Enthusiasts. Oh okay fine… a car show.

But too many things shimmered and glimmered in the afternoon sun and folks around seemed too busy making them even shinier. What da… so I got off and went to see whatever it was. Well, as if I have not read on the big entrance archway… a gathering of everything BMW! And they were not yet all in. Some were still arriving, some were being positioned some commanded the curiosity of people around and some were being photographed.

So I stayed on to ogle at the vehicles just like what other people were doing. Txtd the friend that if he doesn’t catch me at Moon CafĂ© on the designated meeting time, I would just be in the field across The Walk looking at some old and new cars. That was the error! When the friend arrived, eyes grew wide as the sky and I had no choice but to re-look at them vehicles until our stomachs grumbled.

Yeah yeah… talk talk talk amongst owners and fans of those cars… drool drool drool amongst those who like this or that model. Oh well, so that was it?! Anyway, as vehicles kept arriving, there came three big bikes sporting the same brand. And they were positioned at center of field. Now that was for me The Show hehe! My my my those were fine pieces of art!

Anyway, the looking and checking kept us in this area until the “ribbon-cutting” and “opening remarks” came. Oh alright, so there was a program – and that was it. Some dude kept announcing that a photo contest was on, judging will be tomorrow, first prize P7T, second P2T and 3rd prize P1T hehe. And there were two sexy models available to pose for anyone’s camera and you could ask them to stand, lean on, sit or hug the BMW model of your choice hehe.

Well, there were stalls selling car-related things, food, insurance, etc. There was even a PLDT kiosk and there was a kiosk promoting/selling Islands Banca Cruises and Talima Adventure and Water Park. Oh okay, so I interviewed the folks in charge of that kiosk. And, long story short… we’re going Talima tomorrow!

As if I was also an enthusiast and as if I know anything about them, I did snap some photos of those vehicles that camera-wielding folks seemed too gaga about hehe! Here they are (just click for a bigger view)…

And then there was little Chedie, quietly watching everything from the side of the street. She knew this was not her crowd hehe

Here's more of the Bavarians:

Then a sudden thud and engine roar was heard from that building billowing thick black smoke. All heads turned in that direction. Scene-stealer hehe

More Bimmers...

In formation...

The beauties...

The crowd-drawer... I don't know what its made of or what's inside it but when this thing arrived, all trooped and hovered drooling around it!

The bimmers... and a bomber... oh a bombshell... a wa'ever

That reminds me... I would have dreamed seeing all those cars parade around the city. I think I saw something like it in Subic sometime ago where a group of VW beetles gathered and had a motorcade. Quite a show! then again, tomorrow two as in 2 big marathons will be crisscrossing city streets!

Hah, the things I suddenly see on earth hehe! Lavit!

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