Friday, April 23, 2010

Municipal Hall, Guiuan Eastern Samar

Ah the Pamahalaang Bayan Ng Guiuan? Its ugly hehe! Not that its loathsome or something, but having been around the many towns of this country, this one is not at all attractive. Aside from it has no artistic nor cultural nor architectural significance, it needs some scrubbing or perhaps a repaint job on some parts. The grime and moss is very obvious on that yellow paint.

But, facing the municipal hall, look to your left. See that old wooden house (if it has not crumbled yet, anyway)? Beautiful, right?! Well, was beautiful! That was their municipal hall of the past. Looks like a Spanish-era house. My trike driver says, it is even still more attractive than the recent munisipyo. Then again, it is already too small for a municipal organization with hundreds of casual employees. And I think, that’d be very expensive to maintain. I have yet to know if that old house has any historical or sentimental significance to the residents of Guiuan. If so, they should endeavor to rebuild or refurbish it - maybe make it a museum. Otherwise, they should flatten it by just a single pass of an electric fan hehe!


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