Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Mandaue Gay Boxing

The Pacquiao fever lives on!

Hahaha, great are the derivative things I chance upon when roaming around! Unplanned and unknown to me, sometimes these things that I see, encounter or experience are even more interesting than any of my planned itineraries hehe. Yes, sometimes!

Take this gay boxing thing. What started as an irritating traffic congestion became a spectacle (to me at least) that I have seen for the first time. I have heard about such fights/events but never actually got to see nor even been interested in them. So this "accidental sighting" was added to my list of experiences without much effort hehe!

Going to Banilad from Park Mall, I took a cab eager to rest after a tiring sojourn from the islands. The fast craft was late so I caught dinner at one Japanese Restaurant over at the mall. At 1030PM on a Tuesday, it was beyond unusual to encounter heavy traffic along AS Fortuna. It was bumper to bumper and I was getting restless. However, everyone I saw seemed to be smiling – even the truck drivers in the slowmo traffic. And I could hear some croaking on a microphone. At first I thought those were the politicians again, conducting their rallies on the road. But when I craned my neck to see what’s onstage. It was a boxing match and the fighters were “dressed”. Whoa!

Without asking my driver to pull over (how could he anyway in such a congested place hehe), I got off the cab, lugged my backpack and inched closer to the “commotion”. OMG it really was a boxing match! ‘Gay Boxing’. Thankful that my extra memory card was not yet full, I attempted to make some shots. Well, my beloved Fuji does not like night shots, so I switched to video mode. Here they are:

I never thought such matches can draw a lot of spectators. Many were even foreigners busy shooting the fights. I did not get to laugh and cheer while watching as I was busy capturing the video shots. But when I showed these videos at home, it brought the house down in laughter, even if we cant understand some of the things they were saying. Hey, reviewing the fights, gay as they are, I think those punches do really hurt!

Haaay ang kabayutan... lingaw baya hehehe!


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