Friday, April 23, 2010

Hotel Khaishra, Guiuan Eastern Samar

I did not reserve for anything and was confident I could get accommodations in this town as I know it is still off the beaten tourist tracks. On arrival of the van, I asked driver where might be a good place to stay. He pointed up the two-level building in front of which where we stopped. Hmm, it read Guiuan Pension House. I judged the book by its cover, it looked like a cramped fire hazard of a place since it’s in a busy commercial area (center of town). No can do! Asked him where else might be fine, one that has a restaurant. He said that would be a trike ride away to Lupok (or is it Lupuk?) at a place called Tanghay View Lodge. I hesitated since it is not center of town, and before I could answer, he pointed to the highway where we entered town and said Kaisra. Oh alright, I went for it.

Hotel Khaishra
Walking back from where the van stopped, I passed via a bakery, a Mercury Drug, some BBQ stands, KTV bars, sari-sari stores, a gas station where buses to/from Manila are parked and voila, a pink building! Oh its KHAISHRA. What a weird name to pronounce hehe. But it looked clean and new, so I went in and asked for their room rates. Acceptable. I asked for a single fan room, none available as all fan rooms were under repair. Asked for a single standard, none – all taken. So the next available was a single executive room for P750… took it. When I asked if there was hot and cold shower, the reply was none PLUS bathrooms are shared by all rooms per floor. Ack! Clerk said that the only room with a bathroom is their suite but occupied. As I was hesitating, clerk invited me to see the room, so I followed. Good small room with a big TV! Checked the bathrooms out and they looked clean enough, so I was in.

My room was on 3rd level, a corner room with terrace facing the sunset. Each floor has a living area with couches plus a long and big hardwood table with glass top as dining area. Ah no wi-fi but nice that the couches were just beside my room so I smoked there. Went up to see what’s on 4th level… rooms too, plus the roof deck, though everything is under repair. 2nd level has four comfort/bath rooms and there is an all-marble bar. Ah the big function room at ground level was littered with many things and paraphernalia of a group that first I thought were doctors or divers or doctors who are divers. I was wrong, they were folks from UP out investigating on a red-tide phenomenon at a nearby town. They occupied most of the rooms and all their equipment were housed at that function room. Good and lucky for them!

While rooms (that were available during my visit) are all air-conditioned, the hallways and the lounge areas in each floor could get uncomfortably warm especially on a hot and humid April. Reason, the building faces southwest while air/wind comes from the east. That should have been fine, but the hotel staff has this habit of closing all the glass doors and windows along hallways and the lounge areas such that air/wind cannot properly circulate. No problem at my floor though, since every time I was out to smoke, I would open them all up. And an acceptable breeze comes thru! Even asked one staff why they kept closing the windows and doors to the terraces in front of each lounge area. Reason given was to prevent mosquitoes, flies and other "mananap" from coming in. I did not buy that as a plausible reason to sacrifice the otherwise airy feel at the lounges. They obliged when I told them to keep at least the 3rd floor lounge open. And all was fine!

There is a lone computer also at ground level supposedly for guests to go online but it has conked! As I said, no wi-fi (yet)! So that’s the hotel, let’s move to town.


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