Friday, April 23, 2010

Guiuan, Eastern Samar

That is pronounced “gi-wan” where the “gi” is like how you say it in the word “giggle”. Well, if you listen well, most folks pronounce the second syllable as the English word “one” instead of “wan”. So its “gi-one”!

This is the southernmost town of the province of Eastern Samar and the land mass narrows to a peninsular tip such that Guiuan greets the morning sun from the pacific and enjoys fantastic sunsets over at the Leyte Gulf side of town! There are islands and islets dotting its shores and these are what’s making waves to travelers of late. These days, the easier approach to Guiuan is via the South Samar Coastal Road from Tacloban than the usual route of yesteryears via Taft and Borongan which is about double the distance.

I have been in this town ages ago, though I barely remember anything. Fondest memory was every time my grandfather went out for a walk, he would return with big fish or bigger fish. My grandmother told me of stories about how old the church was and how General Douglas MacArthur considered this town a crucial place on the war against my ojisan’s own kin hehe. Anyway…

I was in for a quick roam as my real purpose was to see Calicoan. But I also thought it might be easy to pass by and just see how is their municipal hall, the church, plaza, market, pier and runway. I told myself, I would know in my mind how Guiuan has changed immediately as I see those places. Well, I actually hoped to be able to see Tubabao Island though it seemed remotely possible due to my schedule. And quick as it was, I still like Guiuan. Its slowly progressing though I like the rurality, hoping it remains so for a longer more time!

Let’s hear about my encounters in the next blog entries, aight?!


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