Sunday, January 31, 2010

Walking Out of Sinulog Sa Argao 2010

If you are an avid festival fan and have seen all those big shows and celebrations all over the islands, you’d readily say “hooo-hum” if you get to see the “parade” of this thing they call ‘Sinulog Sa Argao’. Anyway, and just the same, since we were already there and for lack of anything else to see or do, despite my earlier encounter with that woman who should put her daughter in a locked treasure box while the little one danced, the friend and I stayed put to have a look at what else might be worth our while in Argao.

We learned that the parade would be going from the church/municipal hall area to their ‘Sports & Cultural Center’ on the opposite side of town. Hep hep hep, its not as if the distance between Baclaran and Monumento, okay? Not even half of the parade route at Cebu City’s Sinulog. It’s just one little street and a straight line, probably just twice the distance from SM Megamall’s Building A to B. Ganun!

Mind you, it was for us mind-boggling why this “parade” had to start at a scorching 1PM when there were only a handful of participating groups! We joked that maybe their showdown is “an hour per group” hehe!

Anyway again, we opted to go have a look at their showdown area. Just a peep, or if we saw necessary, secure comfortable good-vantage seats to watch the performances. Yes we rode on a trike for this. It was a scorching noontime, okay? And we did not initially know how far would that parade be traversing! On reaching the place, complete with uniformed guards (as if!) we were surprised to realize the organizers were just ‘organizing’ at that time hahaha!

“Very promising” said my companion! While children were busy preparing for their performances or just happily loitering around, while parents, grandparents, yayas were anxious their wards would ruin costumes or busy making final adjustments, and while spectators were already trickling in or already bored waiting for things to happen… voila! The event organizers were also busy putting up their stage backdrop. Yep, just when the parade has already started and when people were already in the venue! Like that!

Oh, we also wondered why many children were not in the parade! Exempted?!

Yes I agree, promising hehe! Ah, we decided to leave the place and walk towards the highway so we could go away!

Teka lang… why did my friend and I seem to be so “nega” and felt hard to please during these times? I think I have reason to believe it was caused by that ******* of a woman who grabbed her child away while I took pictures. First impressions last you know. And it’s not easy to change a ‘first impression’. And a negative first impression get carried over and over and over!

But… we did not yet go for a real walkout. Things changed! Let’s do that next!


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