Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sinulog Sa Kabataan 2010 - Lalawigan

I have nothing much to say. My head has just ran out of superlatives. I loved the show. I just know I will be a very poor judge at this kind of contest. Even the non-winning performances already overwhelmed me. And yes the winners do deserve so. I liked the “love of nature” themes!

Well, very few and “unpresentable” pictures plus, I was on an errand when the short parade from the capitol started. Just caught up with the final presentations and played with the video of my camera since I was too far from the stage hehe. Even if I went near the lowly point-and-shoot wouldn’t probably have fared well on those frenzied movements.

Anyway, here are what I have and the "few" things that I have to say:

What a start! They were the first group to present and they were just fantastic! The video cannot give much of a justification to this winning entry, but OMG they were really really good! Kids as they are, but already high on synchrony!

Oh, where is the third group? Well, I did not take a video! I was tinkering with the camera, but did take a few shots of that group. Also equally jolly good!


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