Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sinulog Sa Kabataan 2010 - Dakbayan

I was on the streets again for the 3rd straight day! This time for the Sinulog Sa Kabataan Sa Dakbayan 2010. It took a different route from yesterday's Lalawigan but just the same a good show. Except for a few notable notes, I have nothing much to say than they were very good. Those costumes and props are no joke to make!

Ah, if yesterday I just caught the final showdown as I had a lunch meeting, today, I dared just watch the parade and omitted the final show as I had to run and meet friends for church, dinner and a despedida.

Noted that this particular parade had too many kibitzers on the side - also parading with the children. As some were wearing same-colored t-shirts, those folks could have been teachers, school officials, personnel or even parents, grandparents, siblings and neighbors of the performers. Again, as in the Kadayawan or the Pasigarbo, they obstruct the view and are just really a nuisance, sometimes making my head throb in desperation why my photos always have to include their heads. They are not the performers, so why can't they all be lumped as a platoon at the end or at the front of the pack.

Somebody please urge festival organizers to tell those hundreds of "mirons" (sometimes they're as many in numbers as the performers) to PLEASE REFRAIN from walking alongside the performing groups. Again, as I said about Kadayawan and Pasigarbo, I admire the concern that these people have on their children. But it will be more admirable if they left these kids to their own parade on their own little selves. Why does a parent walk alongside? To be ready to catch a child when he/she falls? Are they all that lame? If so, why let them participate? O baka naman, you parents and teachers just want to show yourselves in the parade... yes, many of us are willing to watch you BUT PLEASE arrange yourselves either at the start or at the end of the dancing groups.

Can't these parades be like the Rose Bowl? Can't these parents and teachers be ashamed? Hey, why don't I see these kinds of "walkers" in the Panagbenga or the Aliwan? Those are also children performing, right? Therefore it can be done - and I have not heard one child expire (simba ko) while performing! In fact, as parents and teachers, your role should be to ensure they are healthy with enough stamina for the parade - not as alalays walking alongside them and handing out water or food as they dance. Gosh!

Well, ahhh, the trainers and choreographers are a different matter - just the same an eyesore! Mga ateh, the parade is already your show, your creation, your showcase, and you are duly acknowledged about your great craft, BUT you opted for a non-performing role, so stop walking alongside the performers. When people see and hear a choreographer/trainer giving out instructions during a performance, then the performers and producers are not prepared - bad show! Funny, as I took a picture of one group, their choreographer who was busy shouting out instructions and counting 1, 2, 3, 4 suddenly stopped, facing my camera , posed and even smiled. eh naka-sleazy fitting bading shorts lang sya! was that a cycling-shorts? taia dai oi! kasab-an ta ani sa Sto. Nino!

Anyway, it was still a good show! More pics below:


  1. Sinulog is one of the best festival in the Philippines. Many tourist are visiting the Philippine just to experience this yearly festival.

  2. @hezron, I disagree. Sinulog IS THE BEST FESTIVAL in the Philippines not just of the best... :)