Sunday, January 31, 2010

Simala To Argao

We were out of Simala (previous stories) and out at the corner of the road and the national highway, we had to cross so we could hail a bus going back to Cebu City. Fine, you can’t cross at that busy intersection with so many habal-habal drivers running in every direction to get prospect passengers. So we had to walk further.

Besides, public vehicles usually stop meters away from that corner, so we walked a bit to the right where we saw across it, the Cebu-bound buses would stop. But my inquisitive eyes darted a little bit up. And I read this signage. I exclaimed “oh really?” and the friend said “what again?”! And I said, we are now in the town of Argao, wow! We just looked at each other, simultaneously checked the time (his wristwatch, my cellphone), and stood there, not crossing, smiling!

Off to Argao we were going, final! Whahoo!

Not even a minute passed and there came a Sunrays bus bound for Samboan. Sakay dayon! When conductor asked where we were going, we simultaneously replied “Argao” – di halatang excited ‘no?! We asked him if it was still far and his reply was “diha ra unahan gud”! And we quickly discussed what we remembered were/are the things to see in Argao that we have heard about in the past.

Friend said he remembers there are beach resorts in Argao and he actually had been to one of those but during a night-time ‘laag’. He said there are a number of such resorts but he can’t remember names or where they would be.

I read a sign by the roadside, so I said “how about Riverstone”! Friend asked “where is that, what is that”? I said “malay ko, nabasa ko lang”! As if on queue, the conductor started rumbling “o Argao, Argao, Argao na”! Whoa, that was probably just 10 minutes or less of travel.

Anyway, we got off the bus armed with a destination: Riverstone!

Whahehehe, but let’s do that Riverstone thing next. Exciting!

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