Thursday, September 3, 2009

Bogo Nightlife 2

Reaching Nagano from my San Remigio sojourn, Winjie gave me my room key as he told me that it would be Room 45 this time and that my things were already there. I requested that a bottle of coke be delivered to my room. He added “plus ashtray sir, right?”. I winked in agreement and proceeded to climb the stairs.

Room 45 looks generally like room 36, only different in orientation. Hmm, 31, 41, 36, 45… four rooms have played around my life at Nagano in two days! Ah there was no need to adjust or re-acclimatize hehe, after finishing a stick and the bottle of coke, I snoozed the rest of the afternoon off!

CNN woke me up at a few minutes past 7PM and I lazily went to the bathroom. Still a bit sleepy, I reached for a cigarette and slumped on the waterless tub almost drifting to snooze again. Good that I accidentally toed the shower knob and the sudden splash really got me moving! Whaah hehehe!

8PM, I asked Winjie down at front desk where should I go for a nice quiet dinner other than Yanie’s. He started thinking aloud. I know he did not take offense when I said “other than Yanie’s” as I already told him the day before that I want to see places as much as I can. His final suggestion was Japer’s by the tennis courts. Ha? He explained that it was really nothing but a few tables at one side of the tennis courts but serving the same food as Japer’s at the wharf. So I went out to walk to the plaza/park/museum area where I have seen those tennis courts. Circled the area and found Japer’s. Oh!

Well, it really is a quiet corner by the tennis courts and I agree a fine enough place to dine al fresco. However, there was only a table or two vacant. And most of those dining were families and friends who very obviously just finished smashing the evening away. Nothing wrong, except that, I thought I would be totally out-of-place dining there alone, and the only soul not in tennis gear. Hehe, I felt awkward plunging in.

So I decided to walk onwards to the San Vicente wharf, where I have already strolled early in the morning. Target dinner place was any of the tables over at the “reclamation”. Hmm, same feeling as Japer’s by the tennis courts. The “reclamation” was bustling with only a few tables available. Smoke was everywhere from the many grills in the area. What a pity sight I must have been if I dared take a table alone while most of the patrons were groups – families, friends, lovers. No can do! So I walked back to try Japer’s, the main restaurant.

Japer’s was rather empty at such a busy dinner time just a few feet behind it! Well, I did not like the big crowds and groups around me, so Japer’s was it. Ordered their chicken barbecue and SanMigLight and just sat there alone in the big glass-walled but open-air dining area. I was just starting to observe the lots of lovers and families strolling or biking towards the long wharf when all of a sudden one of the waitresses approached me for some casual talk. I thought there was pity in her voice hehe. Maybe she felt bad that I was there sitting all alone with no one to talk to hehehe!

While waiting for my dinner, I did peep around the big place on the inner part of Japer’s place just behind the dining area. Whoa, it’s a big disco area with blinking lights and the crews were still preparing the sounds and lights. Waitress told me that place starts to peak with people by 11PM onwards.

Without me noticing it, in no time crews not doing anything (yet) were all around me and we were having fun telling jokes. The gay crew who seems to be a supervisor was most especially funny telling us the pros, cons, sacrifices and triumphs of her/his transformation – from the big boobs to girl clothes and sex life! Interesting! Even the owner joined in the ruckus!

Well, except for the owner, soon after they were all gone from where I was. The place just got busier and when I peeped again, the dance floor was throbbing with a lot of feet in a wild frenzy to the rhythm of the most recent dance mixes. Gosh, and I really thought that Bogo was a sleepy little city! Not at midnight over by the San Vicente wharf where Japer’s and other such places draw the crowds!

Had fun watching people come-and-go, eat-and-drink, dance-and-sit all night as I guzzled more of my daily SML doze! And yes, the jolly Japer’s crew became busier – some were even dashing from place to place and almost all were perspiring as they did their respective jobs hehe.

Fun night!


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