Thursday, September 3, 2009

Heritage Square, Bogo City

Heritage Square
It is nothing but a block of old houses. To those who frequent provincial towns in this country, the sight of this area would be fairly regular and nothing to rave about. What I like in this block however, is that there is an announced and conscious effort to preserve those houses in their olden grandeur such that I am almost sure, the owners (whether rich or ultra rich these days) will think twice before remodeling their houses into the fantasy themes of modern abodes these days.

And mind you, for most of the houses that I was able to ogle at, it is obvious that their owners have the resources to remodel those big houses into modern spectacles. Proof? They have concreted most of the ground level structures but maintained the look of the upper levels – which in the first place is what makes their houses of the epic nostalgia look. Impressive! I like it! I do hope they’re able to sustain that for a long time until some wise brain could cook up how to preserve those centuries old wooden walls and floors. They’ll naturally give sometime from now, right? So if you have an idea how not to let them crumble to the elements, please share it!

As of now, all I can think of is that, should they finally crumble, probably remake those houses into the same size and design using concrete or other such materials but fashioning them out to look like wood. Hah, that must be quite a challenge to the new builders of future generations. I wonder if there is a subject in Civil Engineering that deals with preserving such structures. Anyway, I still maintain, the effort to have a heritage square is admirable enough! There are a lot of those in the city, not necessarily just at the Heritage Square. And it looks like they’re unanimous in the effort.Bravo Bogo!

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  1. Conservation subjects are only offered in an architecture course. Conservation of built heritage belongs to the field of architecture. :)

    Love your blog! :)