Thursday, September 3, 2009

Back to Bogo

Done with roaming the San Remigio Beach Club, I started my way back to Bogo. At just about 2PM, I thought I was early going back so I would probably make a pass at the town of Medellin. Outside of the beach club was a sole habal-habal driver waiting for passengers. Hmm, were there any folks inside that beach club who would be prospect passengers?! It was virtually empty that day except for the Koreans on a day tour!

Anyway, I hopped unto his motorbike for a ride back to main road so I could catch a bus to at least the highway intersection going Medellin. Hmm again… this habal-habal driver was probably on to something. As we rode back to the highway, he kept convincing me that I should stay overnight at the beach club. He said he will make sure I had a wonderful night. Huh, whether he was into some kinky plans or just being too courteous, staying the night in this place was never in my plans for the day. I did not quite make out if he was a pimp or otherwise. I kindly said no to all invitations hehe!

Over at the waiting area in front of Barangay Tambongon’s public market, habal-habal driver kept me company while waiting for the bus as if I was his honored guest. I told him, I would be fine and he said “happy trip” and added that he would just be over under the shade of the big tree near the school if I needed anything. Whoa!

Until now really, I couldn’t make out a totally acceptable picture of what/who he was. The most intriguing thing I remembered was that during the ride as he was convincing me to stay overnight at the beach club was that he said (in English) “don’t worry sir, I am single”. Huh! Hah! Yuck!

Now see this... one of the many views while I waited for a bus...

Anyway, at about 230PM a Ceres Bus from Tabuelan going Cebu City passed by and I hopped in (hurriedy in fact hehe)! My habal-habal driver came near the bus to wave goodbye at me and he was all smiles. Gosh!

I was just about to settle calmly on my chosen bus seat looking out the sceneries when suddenly I hear “seeeeer, kayo nanaman!”. Ah hehehe, that was the conductor and he was my conductor yesterday coming into Bogo City. As he was readying my ticket (as if he knew where I was headed), I told him I was just going to the intersection where I can head off to Medellin. Surprised, he said “akala ko Bogo, Medellin naman ngayon” and still jolly he proceeded to give me a ticket for the ten-peso ride to that corner. And I got interviewed!

This was not just the second time am riding a bus with this conductor actually . I had been familiar to him thus he already got very friendly. He asked why I was going to Medellin, if I was going to stay there for the night, that Bogo was better at night, where else I would be going, what I do for a living, why I seem to be inspecting all the towns, was I getting ready for the elections and so on. Oh, I did not abhor those “getting-to-know-you” questions. I just answered them matter of fact or ala Jason Bourne (Ludlum) – part truth and part lie, generally answers that would satisfy him hehe.

Short a ride it might have been (just P10, remember?), I thought it was getting too late for me to still consider Medellin and there was a very light drizzle. And I got worried I may not catch any more buses from there towards Bogo. So, as the bus passed by San Remigio, I told my dear inquisitive friend (the conductor, hehe) that I won’t anymore go to Medellin and asked him how much more I have to add to my already paid ten-peso fare so I could go onwards to Bogo. He said five pesos. And he gave me another ticket for that as I handed him the five-peso coin. And he joked asking if I was enjoying our conversation too much that I wanted to omit Medellin. I said yes. His reply was something in bisaya that meant “too bad we’re heading straight to Cebu City today, otherwise we could probably enjoy a drink or two in Bogo”. I just said “well, next time”.

As the bus passed by a sugarcane plantation nearing the intersection that leads to Polambato Port, I had the urge to make that detour perchance to see the place where ROROs and other crafts depart from going to places like Leyte and Masbate. But when I asked my dear conductor, his advise was that it might have already been too late especially that there are no boats arriving or departing from that pier at that time – which would have meant difficulty in finding a ride going there and out.

Okay, I heeded, and soon I was back at Bogo City at about 4PM. Whoa! As noted yesterday, on entry to the city, the bus passes in front of the church. I got off right there without even telling the driver to stop. He too already knows me and where I was headed. You guessed it! Soon as I alighted, the throng of old women came running towards me to offer their candles for sale. Without saying anything, I just stood pompously and looked at them. All realized something he hehe he he!

It was as if they were taken aback… then I saw them whispering or murmuring to each other as they backed out and away from me. I was quite sure they were saying “this was that man yesterday who…” whatever! Now I seemed like a dreaded disease to them. And I liked it! Ahh hehehe! But as I walked down the road that leads to Nagano, a nasty feeling that one of them could come stabbing me at the back or hurling a stone or two or setting me afire played on my mind! Hehehe… guilty! I was all of a sudden the hated apparition by these old women who pretend to be religious!

Nice trip! Now am befriending drivers and conductors while becoming a dreaded apparition to candle vendors. Well, I like it hehe! Nice trip, indeed!


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