Friday, September 4, 2009

My Malapascua Nightlife 1

Yours maybe different, but here was mine hehe.

After playing with the little waves and staring at the boats and the moon at day’s end, I showered and lazed about exotic dive resort a bit. The friendly waiters asked if I wanted to already have dinner and I said not yet. I instead went looking for an internet connection – which I have learned earlier is available at this resort. Indeed it is!

Done “registering” by filling-out a little sheet of paper, I was ushered to an upper floor (3rd?) of the main building where the “internet room” is located. Purpose, to download pictures from my memory cards and transfer then to my external drive, plus, to get a snippet at what was happening in the whole world outside of Malapascua. That was easily done.

I did note of things you may want to remember when heading to that room. There are only two PCs, so you wait if they’re in use – which you will never know until when! I was lucky there was no user during my visit. A waiter did tell me that should this unlucky eventuality occur, you just keep popping into the room as if to check if anything is still in use – THAT will pressure whoever is there to make it quick and give way to your needs hehe! Clever! This little room of two PCs and a printer has no window and powered by an airconditioner as big as those they put in the guest rooms. Thus, it can be chilly in there. PLUS, the being and enclosed narrow hollow of a concrete room, there is no cellphone signal too! At least you’ll be spared of multi-tasking where you have to be on the phone at the same time online. Nah, it never happens in there!

Okay, hunger came so I went looking for food. Plan was to have it anywhere outside of the resort for variety and to get a general feel of Malapascua’s entirety. Walked the beach area again, knowing that at the end is Mabuhay – that resto that offers buffets for less than P200. Needless to say, I reached Mabuhay without being attracted by any other restaurant/resort along the way for dinner. So I hopped in!

To be exact, the eat-all-you-can buffet at Mabuhay cost me P190. Then again, beer was in order after that satisfying dinner. So it went to around P300 – still good enough for me! And OMG too, of the 7 separate tables of all us diners, 6 (that includes mine) were by guests from Exotic! Now I think I was not wrong having chosen Mabuhay for my first dinner on the island! Thankfully too, this was not a weekend, so there was no dancing nor loud music. Ah, the crews/owners can get over-acting on food. Example: when I checked for a second serving, there was none anymore of the “pusit”. Two companions (Israelis also billeted at my Exotic) did the same. We all silently if disappointedly skipped the empty serving dish, but one of them (probably the woman-owner) saw this. She approached me and the other two if we can wait. I said yes. When the kitchen crew came out with a fresh hot serving, the tray was full with probably good for 10 or more people. And I worried we all couldn’t finish it. All they could tell us was “no problem”!

Alrightie, bloated with dinner, I decided to walk the area for some night action. No no no, not the kinky side (yet), just wanted to see how folks and visitors to Malapascua spend a non-weekend night. The back streets (not beach-front) teems with little drinking places, some with karaoke singing as the “main event”. I counted at least 4 such sing-along bars but never went into one. Asked how much their beers were, it was always P65. Maybe Malapascua folks have decided to make it uniform. When I even asked a sari-sari store how much their cold beer was. It was also P65 per bottle. I was tempted to try asking a local to buy for me just to see if their prices would differ. Then again, I aborted the idea as the local I could be asking might be related to the store-owner. Blood is thicker than water y’know hehe!

Went to check-out how Sunsplash is at night. Big! As I have noted on my roaming earlier that afternoon, it’s a swanky place though un-peopled. Very nice furniture arrangements and obviously not just a spur-of-the-moment set-up. Tasteful in fact. The bar is clean and well-stocked, the tables and chairs are in their right places, there are pool tables (yes, billiards) and there is a big board boasting of the flags and numbers of folks who tried their reputed “bar challenge”! And too many girls (waitresses) even for a lean night!

The girls pointed at each other when I started asking for anyone to play with me. Hah, I got the boss on my side hehehe, he gamely pointed and assigned two girls to play with me by coaxing them that they’re losing their table skills! And oh yes, they’re definitely better than me. Hey, I have just lately tried learning this thing, okay?! The jolly owner (Sven?) interacts with his crews as if they’re all just playing. Ah, I of course heard stories of his being a nice employer from all of the girls. Plus his being a firm boss too when someone goes astray hehe! Thus the atmosphere in this place (to me at least) is always fun but none unruly! Like this place!

After a game or two, a young dark youngish man (not tall) was in the restaurant area. I instantly knew he was part of the crews by the way he spoke with the girls and the owner. As if immediately, the two girls “assigned” to play with me asked him to do the honors and he gladly obliged! Now that was a good billiards player. So I took the rest of the night playing against him but always asking him for pointers when it was my turn to hit the balls. I got confused on who he was. I think he introduced himself as CJ but sometimes some of the girls call him Chippy. Even he himself would refer to himself as either CJ or Chippy during conversations.

Oh, past 1AM with just me in this expansive restaurant as customer, I started for home (exotic) so I can give everyone (including myself) a good night’s rest. What do you know… my pool opponent CJ (or Chippy whatever) accompanied me to my resort as it was really dark on the pathway.

That was a real fun night!


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