Monday, July 20, 2009

A Woodpecker that is not?!

Manila to Cebu via Ormoc: Palo

Yep, I was slowly walking away from the Mac Arthur Park’s “eternal flame” when a little birdie caught my attention. Nope, it was not actually little since it was bigger than the usual maya. It had a dark color (black?) and its chirping attracted me.

When I looked in its direction, my otherwise chinky little eyes grew wider than ever! The birdie was perched on a hole of not a tree nor branch but a metal (or is that steel) post! Am not sure if it is a lamp post or something else but just the same made into a lamp post! I even caught myself audibly saying “why are you there?” Golly! It looked to me like a woodpecker as it would at times knock on the metal with its beak.

I went near, it flew across to the “eternal flame” and as if aware I was taking a video shot, it flew again this time to a real tree. Wow! Is this a bad sign of our times? Birds have adapted and can now live in the hollows of metal posts? There are many trees in that park! They don’t want those trees? So they’d rather live on metal posts? That baffles me! What is this telling us? What is next, we see a Philippine eagle nesting at one of the expensive suites on Marco Polo Davao’s top floor? Whoa!

Okay, the bird flew away, time to move on… but I heard something… next blog entry please


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