Sunday, December 7, 2008

Holiday Cheers at ZDN Capitol Grounds

Because I was not able to go around this place in the afternoon… thanks to the driver who wanted to tell a friend of my presence hehe, I returned to see the capitol building after dinner. I knew it’d be a wonderful scene since I saw the Christmas decors with so many little lights during the day. So there I was… and just as I expected… the place teemed wit families having a wonderful time appreciating their capitol with thousands of lights everywhere to herald the holidays! Ah well, hard to take pictures as you’d have to queue-up or make a quick split-second snap as people left or approached the displays hehe. Yep, the residents themselves were all there to admire the lights!

I looked around for a far vantage that would give me a total view or bird’s-eye view of the park. None, except that the second floor of Hotel Camila 1 seemed to be a fine vantage enough. I went in, introduced myself as a guest of Hotel Camila 2 and told them I just wanted to go up and watch the lights from the 2nd floor. After some bit of hesitation, the front desk staff allowed me. It was not that great a view after all. Why? Because of ‘black spaghetti’! Yep, so many power, telephone, cable and what have you lines that almost even touch Hotel Camila 1’s building.

Oh well, still a nice experience. Being in that capitol just watching open-mouthed in awe at the lights felt like being a toddler again hehe!


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