Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Roaming the CWC

Done with the boarding, I opted to roam the facility. Just so I can see whatever is there and tell friends and family (that’s you) about CWC or CamSur Watersports Complex. The “CamSur” stands for Camarines Sur province, of course, in case you are still wondering. So here goes what I think is worth remembering…

Space? Ample! This is one big complex converted from what seem to have been rice fields in the past.

Trees? Not so many (yet). Thus, the place, though always windy, feels summery (a.k.a. hot humid) especially during Philippine summers. At least it is obvious they have not felled big trees to give way for the complex as common with most urban constructions. Its more on the other way around – meaning they are growing trees here and there instead of what may have been vast fields of rice paddies and grass.

Front Office? Nice clubhouse-like set-up. The building is good, the crews are giggly cheerful, the locker rooms and shower areas clean with modern amenities and there are even displays of or relating to water skiing, wakeboarding and all else about boarding on water. The friendliness of the staff even goes far out as to allowing most of the foreign guests to see their pictures on a PC at front desk – which I think should be avoided to put administrative order and security!

Food? There are kiosks, stores, coutners where you can grab what you like and there are park-like eating places with ample space for how many ever you are. Its not just a so-so contraption of barriotic elements. These areas and furniture look like they were well-thought of by professional architects and designers, meticulously executed by an equally pro group of workers.

There is even the Clubhouse Restaurant (and bar) that can equal any facility of many exclusive sports clubs in the metropolis! Its big and airy.

Rest areas? Ample. You’ll just have to choose where you like. and you can have you food and drinks there too! I specially like those things called Cabana Rentals out near the edge of the course. They’re cute well-appointed open huts away from the crowds but sandwiched between the pool and the man-made lake of a boarding course. Nice to take shots of your friends or family zipping by with that kneeboard or wakeboard whatever!

The swimming pool? I like it. Its big! But there are big pools everywhere in this country, right? Well, the best part of CWC’s swimming pool is that area around it. Its not concrete, its wood. Yes, wood, as in lumber – definitely thousands of boardfeet of wood! Its cool to the feet and no dangers of slipping on concrete or ceramic tiles. Just be careful not to drop your coins, phones, cameras or other tiny things as those could fall through the slats and you’ll have to move mountains to be able to retrieve them hehe. A friend says she’s worried of splinters or tiny specks of the wood puncturing her feet. Valid, but when I ran around, it did not happen to me.

Massage? Well, there even are dedicated cabanas just for that. And I like those too! They look like dainty little native abodes. And also with a view of the water course.

What else? There is a game room with pool tables, computer games and there is even foosball. You can play beach volleyball at a dedicated area and the island in the middles of the course also has amenities. Golly I think this place should even be a wonderful venue for team buildings! Oh there is a skate park with all the obstacles and what havyas in a dedicated fenced and well concreted place. And there is the helicopter parked nearby hehe. But of course you’ll have to be a friend or esteemed guest of the governor to get a ride!

Accommodations? Ah this is the other wonderful thing about CWC. There’s ample for every kind of pocket – from the basic to the most luxurious. But I like the “container village”! Those are rooms made from container vans. From a bit of distance they look like a lego-land and at close range, you’ll be amazed how accommodations can be made of nowadays. Well, they’re not the first in using those container vans (sans the trucks of course), we see those used at construction sites and there are even restaurants the likes of Pier One that use them. But at CWC, all too many of them and in a nicely landscaped area, with luxurious amenities, they are a wonderful sight that I call the “container village”. Hmm, are you imagining future housing projects made of those vans? Why not?!

There is also the ecovillage that has many other things aside from wakeboarding btw. And everything said above is probably less than 2 kilometers away from the Naga Airport. An easy walk per my standards of strolling. Plus, all of these are actually within the confines of the provincial capitol complex!

Finally, having mentioned “capitol”, this is probably one of few places in the country owned by a local government unit that does not at all look like one. Other than the “official receipt” (that one with the logo of the Philippine Government), you will never think the CWC is government-run. Why am I saying this? Ah, I have not seen the sloppy and money-hungry attitude in any employee. That’s foremost. And, probably because this facility is rather new, every structure and the amenities they have are resort-like and world-class. Professionally made and maintained, I must say. None of the “pwede-na-yan” things that we commonly see at government facilities everywhere! Well, time should tell…

But as for now… GO! You will never regret it.

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