Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Boarding at CWC

Alright folks, I did it! I went wakeboarding and I consider that mighty brave of me myself and I, having gone to CWC alone, and tried the boards… alone! Pathetic you might say, but I did it just the same! Keber hehe! Here's the story…

How did I go there?

By instruction of the very helpful CWC staff when I called, I took a jeep to some corner where I transferred to a tricycle, and voila, there I was! While it is very near the Naga city center, CWC is actually already part of Pili, Camarines Sur. Same with their provincial capitol. You wont even know you are already actually outside of Naga! There are no cabs (yet) in the area btw, in case you were thinking about that.

I told them outright I just wanted to see the place and get a feel of what is this CWC hullabaloo all about. But I said I would be much happier if there was at least someone who can show me around. They obliged but told me to come early at opening time as they wont be that busy yet. And that is the reason why I had to be there at 8AM since they start operations at 830AM. And they won me over by convincing me to try the wakeboards, even just for once – and that meant I had to register for the half-day rate of boarding. And I now thank them for being persistent to have successfully convinced my aged self to do it hahaha!

So aside from roaming the facility, I went a boarding! Yeah, yeah and yey!

How is it done?
Well, more professionally, formally and ceremoniously than how it is over at Lago De Oro in Batangas which I tried a few weeks ago. They borrow your ID or license at registration. After paying the corresponding rate of your chosen package or activity, you are issued a “Republic of the Philippines Official Receipt”. That reminds you to wonder, you are in a government-owned facility, but in no way is it chaotic nor sloppy nor full of under-the-table transactions! This place has the look and feel of a world-class facility! You would not think it is owned and operated by a provincial government – Camarines Sur.

After the receipt, you are tagged! Yep, a colored waterproof wristband to indicate your kind of package just like how it is at EK and many other facilities the world over! Written on it is the date and time it should be valid for – in my case it said 830AM to 12:30NN. Not yet done, you are still given a key to your locker, if you need one anyway, and in my case, it was very much needed as I was on my own. You stash in that locker everything that cannot get wet – including cameras, phones, wallets, contact-lenses and so on. Unless you have someone to hold or watch those things while you go boarding! The ID remains with them as your “deposit” or “collateral” for the locker, life vest and helmet that you must wear next!

Off to the pond you go for the next “ceremony” that is the “lecture”. An expert guides you through the hows and whats when boarding. This is most important so you have to listen well. Understand the safety instructions and keep in mind the various positions, procedures and techniques. Be candid and ask if anything is not clear. No worries, they wont let you in the water anyway if they feel like you did not get it yet! There is a demo, you are told to do (simulate) the basic moves and so on – while still on dry land.

And then you're on! Yey or duuu! Jitters jitters hehe! But I did it anyway!

There is a golden rule – falling off the board and into the water is normal, so don’t overplan or overstudy! It is impossible that you wont fall at least once. Even the pro boarders get themselves dunked while maneuvering their various rides or jumps – EVERYDAY they are on the course. As for me, the other golden rule aptly applies – if at first you don’t succeed, try and try until you die! But it was fun! After about 5 rounds on the knee board, the crews there coached (or more appropriately “coaxed”) me to try the wakeboard, which I did. Its a different kind of adrenaline high!

When you fall, you’ll have to get back to the launching area. But no worries, there is a truckster (like a golf cart) that will readily zoom to where you are to pluck and ferry you back to the platform so you can launch yourself again. I realized its actually such a physically demanding sport that the “830AM to 12:30NN” is way too much. Mind you, many even go for the whole-day option! The crews told me though, you should make time to rest, have refreshments, banter around or even watch others on the course, before re-launching yourself again. And again, and again!

Heads up: first to feel the cramps are your hand and arm muscles. That is due to the fact that you keep stretching them as you hang on to the rope. Crews told me it is an indicator that you are not relaxed during the boarding runs. Duh! How the hell can I hehehe! But they also told me, that is very common to first-timers on this sport.

Warning: this activity is both addictive and addicting! You’ll only feel you have overworked a lot of muscles afterwards. Way after, really! But don’t fret, there is the big pool and there is even a spa! Wheeeeee!

What else?
Ah there are more in this facility, thus, I roamed. But let’s do that next, aight?!


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