Saturday, January 19, 2008

Green Beetle In Taysan

That is Taysan, Batangas. I went there with an officemate as it was fiesta time in their place. And while we were enjoying the breeze at his newly built concrete porch to let the rain pass before we head out, down came this brightly colored insect and stayed on the concrete floor for as long as we cared to watch it. Am not really sure if I have seen anything as bright green as it is. I probably already did during my younger years, but since I cannot vividly remember that color, I watched it a bit and even took this photo.

This insects looks exactly like those brown beetle that we used to play with (beetle fights, remember?) when we were kids. Ah yes, very similar too to those beetles that my grandma and aunts used to fry back in Bangued. The thing is, all of them beetles I have seen (or attempted to eat but chickened out) were colored brown to dark brown. This one just stands out. Those tiny shiny spots are water droplets as the insect probably got soaked in the rain.

Would I have seen anything like this if I just sat my ass out in the metropolis? No!


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