Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Confusing Irritating Signage

Not all things I see or encounter during my roams are beautiful!

This one here is an example. I would not even call this a signage sanctioned by the National Historical Institute or whatever histo-cultural whatever of this country. Except that this ugly wood carving is located inside the walls of the famed Fort Santiago in Intramuros, Manila.

If I may apply the present language/s that we use in this country (as should be), I will call this terrible thing the epitome of OA as in Overacting; KSP as Kulang Sa Pansin and KJ as in Kill Joy. Why? Because very obviously, whoever wrote that thing is trying very hard to sound Shakespearean or Biblical or whatever else that the end result is so gago your otherwise happy aura roaming the fort, changes into a frown! I would not even try to call it primitive for it is not, and it will just insult our forebears! It is just so stupidly written and stupidly carved by nothing than a stupid pair of hands who stupidly chose wood that naturally shrink with the times. Ayun naglaglagan na ang ibang letra!

Di na lang kasi sabihin ng maayos as in the plain English that we know now. Me nalalaman pang pa whereon whereon – eh we all know this could not have been written in the olden times. Dahil? HIndi pa ako nakakita ng ancient manuscript na wrong grammar. And for the thing to say July 16 1935, it therefore means isinulat ito at ginawa after that date. Excuse me lang ha, English in this country was already definitely better even if we say on or during July 17, 1935.

This stupid slab is not only adorned with wrong grammar, it is just so wrong howsoever you look at it. Sana patay na ang nagsulat at gumawa nyan, at sana ilibing na rin ang kahoy na yan kasama kung sino man yun!

If I may please be allowed… my lighter would probably do it a big favor!


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