Tuesday, January 18, 2005

In & About The Philippines

From mountains to plains,
from waterfalls to oceans...
Of strawberries and grains,
to delectable crustaceans...

From scholarly men,
to boxing heroes and talkative politicians...
Of award winning musicians,
japayukis and emmigrating physicians...

This is the Philippines,
a great haven for tourists and balikbayans!


This country has so many things to learn from and wonder or marvel about - even for those of us who live here. The many islands would usually have different attractions, customs and cultures that I hope to all see in my lifetime.

I write lengthily taking notes of anything that invites my interest or curiosity. So you will mostly be in for a very long read! And you will notice on the sides of any page are lists of regions, provinces and some interesting categories. Hah, you don't know which region or province the town or city you're looking for? Don't fret, just use the search box above and my articles about the place will be first to appear!

Note: the style, my style, is to tell my stories, my feelings and my perceptions about the places, people and events encountered. I am not here to replace Lonely Planet. I extensively use it as reference, in fact! But if you'll look closely, I don't dwell on what they already tell you like the how much, what time, and all those things a travel guide is supposed to be. Even if at times I do mention them as part of my story. My objective is to tell you what I experienced so that when you go there, you'll have an idea on what may or may not happen and what may or may not be available.

Do drop me a note, a comment or even an equally lengthy story. I will be much too honored.

Happy reading!


  1. Your BLOG is off to a good start. Nice to see someone promoting one of my favorite destinations. Philippines. Personally I love Negros Oriental and Siquijor. My BLOG did a piece on Negros earlier in the year. Doing a piece soon on Siquijor. Hope you get to fill your regions with great information. Most people I have encountered know little of the Philippies or have an incorrect appreciation for all the islands available to explore. http://www.travelsapien.blogspot.com

  2. hi,

    I agree. the philippines have a lot of undiscovered destinations...maybe you should also visit parts of Northern Luzon. Heard they have good places there. In fact they have this campaign by Victory Liner? i think its called Northern Exposure where they are encouraging pinoy travellers to visit Pangasinan, Cagayan Valley, Zambales etc. Victory Liner kasi has this deluxe buses with rest rooms now plying routes to Baguio. so its all about easy and convenient road travel...

  3. hi,

    i was browsing your blog and is very amazed with your writing and your travel experiences... where do you get the time and the energy dude!!?? =).. envy envy.. bad. =)

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  4. Hello,

    I read your Kawit Cavite Aguinaldo Shrine blog . It's very detailed indeed. By the way, how long was the tour of the shrine? Thanks! Nce pix too!

  5. It really depends. If you are the "uh ok, let's move" type of tourist you'd be done in 30mins or so. But if like me you want to hear/listen more of the details and marvel at the things around, you'll probably spend 2hours plus a few bits more taking pictures of the outside areas :)

  6. Got one Proud Pinoy here. Let's keep on promoting our country :)

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  9. Each island, ethical way has its own traditions and some festivals that are very different from what is happening very near.