Saturday, June 24, 2006

About Puerto Princesa City Tours

Okay folks. we were out of that heavy lunch at Ka Lui’s and off we were on our city tour. But before we go on with the rest of where we went, I have some nice tips for you. You better listen so you’ll know when its your turn to roam there…

First, it is called a “city tour” for all intents and purposes. But if you were wondering what might it be you’ll see in the little urbanity that is Puerto Princesa, please don’t compare it with HK, SG or even Metro Manila and Metro Cebu. This city tour takes you to some of the most beautiful rural sceneries in the area, plus more!

Second, it is a city tour alright, and you may wonder that travel from one place to another sometimes take about 20 minutes to half an hour on seemingly endless roads. Don’t panic, that is still your city tour. While PPC may just have a small “enclave” of urbanity at city center, be aware that this is one of the biggest cities in the country – even in Asia – in terms of land area. So do not wonder why you seem to be doing a countryside tour, because, YOU ARE! The only thing is, everything is still WITHIN the city limits of Puerto Princesa hahaha!

Yeah, the discussion or debate on which one is really bigger surfaces again. Is it Davao or Puerto Princesa. Up for you to research and ask your tour guide! Its a wonderfully mind-boggling debate of a topic hehe!

Third, having said all of the above, you might realize as we did that the other tours which we took in the next few days (articles coming up in this blog too) are themselves actually still city tours! But they are more aptly named with more descriptive names like Honda Bay Tour, Countryside Tour, Underground River Tour, etc., just to distinguish their itineraries. Rest assured, everything is still in Puerto Princesa City!

Yes it is mighty wide a city. How wide? Uhmmm how about if I told you that the city of Puerto Princesa, yes just the city, not even the island of Palawan, is bigger than 69 countries on earth?! Yeah, that big!

Oh let’s go back to where we went next! 


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