Saturday, May 28, 2005

Pandan Island - A Paradise and More

The most interesting thing about setting out to Pandan Island is that there are too many discoveries that await the visitor on the way there and coming back! This is the truest “adventure” where all your senses and emotions will be put to work at one time or another!

Where on earth is that?
Pandan Island, Sablayan, Occidental Mindoro. That is the exact address! Well, not too many Filipinos, therefore even foreigners, are quite familiar with this paradise amongst this 7,107 islands. Not that it is yet to be discovered; in fact many a foreigner has had a great time in this place. Call it greedy, but I do wish it will remain the way it is today - unassuming, unnoticed, un-hyped-up, un-crazy heaven on earth! Of course it will fizzle out of the vacation/resort market if loads of foreigners don't get to visit the island! That's precisely why I said... I wish it will remain unnoticed… Anyway, to exist, Pandan Island has to be noticed. So, while not too many yet are noticing the charm of this little island, go forth and wallow in its idyllic grandeur!

Note: My notes below (and in immediately succeeding stories) are not just focused on PANDAN Island itself. There are too many interesting things on the way there and on the way out!

How did I come to know about this place?
A friend who has relatives in the town of Sablayan once told me she has been to this enchanting little isle. Sablayan town is in mainland Mindoro (Occidental) – which is the usual jump-off point to the island of Pandan and/or Apo Island (Apo Reef).

Here are my notes, lengthy as usual!

[edit: by popular request, I chunked the veeeery long story into several articles, for your reading ease. Just use the 'newer post' and 'older post' links below to scan through all stories]


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