Sunday, March 13, 2005

Subic Legenda Suites

Just an update on Subic's Legenda Suites!

Went to 'deliver' a friend booked at Legenda Suites. The place look worn and lonely on the outside, but inside (at least in my friends' suite) the same old spic and span tidiness is maintained! The upholstery of the couch is old from wherever you look at it. On closer inspection it even had a little hole (probably a cigarette burn) making way to a view of the foam! But yes, it is clean... no stains... and does not smell of anything offensive. The bedroom is fine as usual, the sheets white clean with a fresh scent!

Outside, the building's paint need a re-touch, the plants are not well maintained, grass sporadically thriving in many of the flower islands, fallen leaves strewn everywhere... but I liked it! It did not have pretentions of a fine 5-star. Its like a visit to your old provincial abode!

And yes, I ate macopa, which I personally handpicked from a tree at the parking lot just in front of the check-in area! This place is still good for those who want to keep away from the hectic city centers and nightspots!

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  1. Subic in general was a *cashcow* of the affluent biatches and a-holes who grabbed the opportunity to kill the... not so well off amongst us. And they did. When they stripped us of our hard earned cash.. them properties became uninteresting to them as they did a decade ago, or so i believe. money in... general satisfaction.. out! oh well.. f**k em!