Sunday, March 13, 2005

Subic Legenda Hotel

This is different from the Legenda Suites, ok? For those not really in the know, the "suites" are those buildings on a hill just above the airport near the monkeys and the bats, while the "hotel and casino" is this building beside SBMA Offices along that thriving entertainment strip by the water's edge - almost exactly on the other side of the bay from where the air-strip is!

I would usually stay at the Legenda Hotel (particularly the Garden Units near the church) when I'm in Subic. This time however, I chose to check-in somewhere else, not for anything else, but because it was offered to me free! But I still went in to check-out the place even if was staying somewhere else!

At 7:30PM Saturday, I was surprised to find that the hotel was not bustling with a lot of humans! I went into the casino just to check out the "people". Spent P200 worth of 2-peso-tokens and another P200 worth of 5-peso-tokens. All these were devoured by the slot machines in less than two hours! Still I kept roaming for there was nothing else to do. Only about 4 tables were occupied and the clientele was fairly a number of Korean and Taiwanese tourists. Too few pinoys but I did spot at least 5 or 6 regulars who (probably by miracle) I always chance upon my visits to this place. There was that old lady again whom the employees fondly call "mommy" busy on the table and (gosh) eating the very same kind of lugaw I saw she was eating when I was here last November!

Many of the "dealers" were just sitting or watching other tables since theirs were empty of any gamblers. Some would usually engage people (like me who were just roaming around) in small talk. The common topic for the night was "sir, wag na kayo lumipat sa kabila ha?". I think, despite their sincere pleas, they were actually accidentally advertising the new competitor!

The "kabila" they were refering to was/is Blue Diamond Casino, right accross the street from this hotel's lobby! The new casino was set to open its doors at exactly 12:05AM of 13MAR05 - just about a few hours from the time I was roaming around Legenda's casino. It was also from these employees that I learned of the opening gimmick at Blue Diamond where every visitor on opening hour were to be given "free-playing-money"!

Anyway, since am not really a fan of casinos, i was out to the lobby by about 8:10PM. Saw that the lobby lounge was devoid of any humans. But there was a singer and a pianist playing good music - even if nothing but air was the audience. So I decided to while away some time at that lounge as my companion was still busy with baccarat! The singer, Gabby (or Gabbie?) sings well, is a GI baby and has a face that looks like a cross between Rosanna Roces and Kuh Ledesma. The pianist, Cyrus, which happens to be her brother is a lot darker! They say their mom hails from Jipapad Eastern Samar but they already live (and were raised) in Subic. This duo does add quite a lot to the ambience of Legenda Hotel's lobby! Good choice of romantic ballads and a fine husky voice the girl has!

As the singing went on, the lounge did fill to its capacity which quickly disappeared when the Gabby announced it was to be their last song for the night. Oh yes, yes yes, that cute doorman is still there!



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