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The fascinating suburb!

CALABARZON or Region 4A (sometimes written with the Roman numeral as REGION IV-A), is what became of the other half when in 2002, Southern Tagalog (Region 4) was split into two. The term CALABARZON is actually an acronym representing letters from the names of the 5 provinces that comprise it – CAvite, LAguna, BAtangas, Rizal and QueZON. Like Region 3, it also spans from east in the pacific to the west in the south china sea.

All of these provinces are within easy reach from the metropolis whose majority of workers actually come from.

While these are almost part of Metro Manila, since many industries, corporations and academic institutions have branches and/or headquarters in many parts, they also offer some of the nearest and worthy places to visit for any reason one can think of. When people from the metropolis are in search of a place they can easily hie off to, various places around these 5 provinces are first on the list. And they are quite varied!

In this region, beaches are best in Batangas but Cavite and Quezon also have equally interesting hideaways in this category. Mountains, caves, falls, lakes and other natural wonders abound in Laguna, Rizal and Quezon. But the other three provinces also have an abundance of such. The country’s most raved-about zoo nowadays can be seen at Montalban in the province of Rizal. The most famous (or infamous?) of lakes in the country is cradled on most parts by the province of Laguna while a portion touches some metropolitan cities. Many of the best golfing greens in the country are in this region and a lot of the big industrial towns are also scattered here. And majority in metro manila take respite from the urban heat by visiting nearby Tagaytay – a cool mountian city in the province of Cavite just above the famous Taal lake - in a volcano in a lake whatever!

This region fares well in the country’s history and culture. All provinces in this region had significant involvement in how the country transformed to what it is today. Many of the country’s well-known festivals are celebrated in its locales. Plus, the region is not only a great source for food in the metropolis but it also boasts of bountiful export-quality produce like mangoes, mussels, coconut, bangus, tilapia, etc., and unique specialties like buko-pie, barako coffee, lechon, wood carvings, footwear and many many more!

Home to many of the working class folks, CALABARZON is also the nearby vacation destination for many a traveler/discoverer. So I call it the 'most accessible R&R&R' – for residence and rest and recreation!

While there are a lot of references that can give you various information about this part of the country, my favorites are:


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Virtual Tourist especially the VT Philippines Forums

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