Sunday, February 28, 2016

The Government's "Laglag Bala" Solution?

I pass by at least 2 airports a week, and I swear, this is the first time I saw this 'enterprise' racking up hefty pesosesoses fast! An extra expense for "alarmed passengers".

Here's my story:
Due to the number of passengers entering at the first few gates of NAIA 3, I asked my driver to let me off at the farther gates. Am not sure if I entered at the 4th or 5th gate/entrance.

This thing is what I saw upon entering the x-ray area: A company that wraps (mummifies!) your luggage in clear industrial plastic!

Maroon bag: the subject being mummified!
Blue shirt guy: worker
White shirt guy: passenger, owner of maroon bag - says he paid P200 for that wrapping thing, he further said "di bale nang mag-bayad ng extra, kesa naman mabiktima". Hmm, he has a point!

So, this is the government's solution? To avoid passengers being victimized by THEIR employees at the airport, they have allowed another business opportunist to wrap luggage for a fee?

Hmm, that gets me thinking...
Hmm, tumataas kilay ko...

Is that really THE solution?


That machine is similar to (if not) what my friend calls a "jufu machine" at his factory. It is used to wrap crates or even furniture before being shipped.

I could not imagine, such machines will land at a passenger terminal and make our luggage look ugly and undignified.

Well, that is probably how far (or low) our government officials can do to curb a shameful crime - perpetrated by their own people!

So help us God...


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