Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sunday Fun On The Road

There are many things to titillate our minds about this country, even as we just zoom along going anywhere. As many travelers say, “it’s not just the destination, it’s also the way going there". Here are some I caught along Cebu’s north road:

How would you pronounce that? The parlor owner probably just wanted to make their name unique by writing the word uniquely, right? But if you are a fan of languages and pronunciations, this will give you a headache hehehe. It did me!

Okay, many of us know that letter “e” weirdly carrying two dots on its head is called with an equally weird name: “diaeresis” (sometimes “dieresis”) or “umlaut”. This is used in a few languages. Common to Filipinos might be English, French, Dutch, Latin and some others. But in whichever language you pronounce “Unëëk”, you could twist your tongue and might as well die laughing.

English: Yon-e-e-kay? Yon-e-ek? Un-e-e-kay? Un-e-ek?
French/Dutch: Yon-we-wek? Un-we-wek?
Latin: Yon-uh-uhk? Un-uh-uhk?
Uh, uh.. ahaka ning kabayutan, naglabad akong ulo!

And here’s another.., notice anything catchy at this drugstore’s frontage?
There is signage (zoomed below) that started my lowly brain debating. I’m fine reading seeing signs that say “car park”, “parking area” or “vehicle parking”. But if you make it a kind of announcement, warning or admonition like this, the meaning gets twisted.
Bakit, ano pa ba ang nag-pa-park? Di ba “vehicles”? What is a vehicle anyway? Sasakyan, sakyanan, sarakyan, salakyan di ba la? For Mercury Drug to put out such signage, does this mean meron manananggal, aswang, wak-wak or danggab who flies in and leave her flying-broom on those parking slots? Duu, kuyawness!

Here's one that makes me remember DAF and PDAF! Has the department in-charge of putting-up these signages been deprived of the necessary budget allotment in favor of some pockets? What a tiny plate for a big announcement! You won't see this if you are not on the outermost lane. Or then again, maybe they purposely made this one so small perchance they catch violators to make kutong from? Ah, my lowly mind says, hardly - since traffic cops in this place (Mandaue, Cebu) are less garapal than their kuyas out in Metro Manila. BUT the lettering ha?! Parang ginawa ng grade 3 pupil, ayun nalaglag pa ang "S"!

Now, now, now bungaw... Just how does one really flush a bowl?! If you do become successful in this act (ever), what will others use then? Na-flush mo na e!

Ah dis1 I lyk! Txt lingo!

Yun lang naman :) Scenes to exercise my brain on the way to exercising my soul, on this, a hot sunny 30th Sunday of 2013! Stay tuned. There will be more. Pramis!

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