Sunday, May 5, 2013

How Expensive Is A Philippine Flag?

I once saw on TV a young man who was hounded (a.k.a. harassed) by his barangay captain for having taken a photo and shared to the world the sordid state of the Philippine Flag at their barangay hall. Of course I thought that woman (barangay captain) was wicked, even stupida to the nth degree. Kababaeng tao eh di marunung tumingin kung ano ang maganda sa kanyang kapaligiran! Nagalit pa :(

How much is one flag anyway? Is it expensive? Can a barangay not afford one? I suspect they all can. Even at one new flag every 6 months, right?

Well, if indeed that barangay is soooo dirt poor they can't afford to purchase a respectable looking flag for their barangay hall, here is one rural place where they probably can beg for one hahaha.

This is somewhere in Samar, along the Maharlika Highway, by the side of a forest, also on the side of a town called Paranas. Passed by this place many times in many years, and those flags lining the portion of the highway are always crisp colored and beautiful to look at.

Samar is considered one of the poorest islands in this country. Yet, this town (or is it barangay?) could afford a number of them flags – not even for a public office but just the side of a road. How much more those barangays in the metropolis? Sus naman, marami nyan sa Divisoria, di ba? I am inclined to 'guess', burara lang talaga yung Mrs. Barangay Kapitana!

Oh well... let her go to Paranas and probably beg for one of those beautiful Philippine Flags waving!


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